You Know Who – Dark Water & Death In Heaven

The new host arrives just in time for the two-part finale of Doctor Who.

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Great review, these were terrific episodes! And yes Jamie, that is quite a large one! 😉 😉 (that made me giggle far too much, I may have spent too much time around Frazer)

I have two questions regarding Missy. 1. Why can’t the Doctor identify who Missy is, or even whether she’s an android? Time lords have consistently been able to identify other time lords (unless they’re disguised as another species via a fob watch — Utopia, S3 E11). Granted, that time lord ability is never explained, and no character could’ve guessed the Master returning following the events of The End of Time. 2. Why was Missy hoping the Doctor would fall to his death, when we later learn she wants to convince the Doctor they aren’t so different – and leave the… Read more »
I’ve got a feeling that The Doctor couldn’t tell Missy was The Master due to her being on Gallifrey when it was sealed away (50th Anni and all), so when she managed to jump dimensions she was kinda out-of-phase relative to everyone else which masked her identity in a similar manner to the Chameleon Arch and fobwatches (Prof. Yana/The Master in Utopia & Mr. Smith/The Doctor in Family of Blood). I’m sure there’s a few situations over Star Trek where they give a technobabble explanation for why a character from one version of a ship is on another version of… Read more »

As an avid fan of Doctor Troughton ;P I gotta say I love your costume and impression. Spot. On. Great review, too. I really enjoyed the finale and thought Gomez gave us a great new Master (Mistress) to fear and loathe. She really did play the insane card well, and I’m kind of kicking myself for not noticing the connection to Batman and the Joker before now. 😛