You Know Who: Series 4 Finale

We go back in time and look at the Last Angry Geek’s review of the final three episodes of DOCTOR WHO Series 4.

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  1. Good review. This series ending won all the feels. I was elated when all the companions and assorted sidekicks showed up. I was shocked when the Daleks made their appearance. While I wasn’t scared the way they were when the Exterminate came over the speaker, they sold it. I was sad for Donna and proud for Harriet Jones.

    This was a great way to end things. I agree this would have been a good chance to Tennet to exit stage left. I loved the Children of Time angle. Turn Left reminds us of all these folks. Stolen Earth brings in the breadcrumbs from the entire season, not just Earth but all of the planets missing this season. Journey’s End was a little fanfic-y with a duplicate Doctor and Doctor Donna, but everyone has a desperate plan.

    Instead of feeling sad and ashamed, if I were the Doctor I’d feel proud. Everyone of them faced death and ruin, terrified yes, but willing to do what was necessary to save the day.

    The roll call at the end was my favorite part. And even K-9. Good boy.

    This arc got me to stick around through the Matt Smith years and the Capibaldi year.

  2. Yeah this is very obviously not the actual tape used to audition.

  3. I honestly don’t like the S4 finale, or really any finale besides S1 and S5 – call it First Guy Wins Syndrome. In this case, as LAG said the episode was too concentrated on being epic and pulling all the shows together than on developing them at all – if each series had a special from their POV, that might have worked. But as it is, the Daleks are just throwaway villains and really, a lot is. Oster-Hagan Key? Tossed aside. Warp Star? Down the gutter. Hell, the *entire* Dalek invasion of earth and destruction of Earth’s military? Glossed over. It’s like Sound of Drums again, where instead of developing what the Master has done to Earth and the effects of his rule on its citizens, not to mention Martha’s journey across the earth, we just get a little snapshot and then BIG EPIC WOO-WOO JESUS DOCTOR!

  4. This is perfect! If you get picked up, don’t change a thing!

  5. Shhhhh we pretend end of time didn’t exist. There is no weird meat loving master and this is where 10 became 11. But seriously series 4 is probably my favorite because of Donna. I couldn’t stand Martha and I will blame a lot of that on the fact that I find the whole “why doesn’t the doctor love me” thing excruciatingly annoying. At least with Rose the chemistry was there and their scenes felt natural. I also didn’t understand why Martha became involved with UNIT. Seriously she went from “I’m gonna be a doctor” to soldier who kinda maybe does doctor things on the side when the writers remember that they need someone who knows medicine.

    Anyway I loved Turn Left and just how dark and grim it was. Almost suffocatingly so at times. I still tear up when the family is being taken to the labor camps. I’d love to see you do more of the RTD era if you get a chance!

  6. I agree about Rose. While I’m not necessarily opposed to The Doctor being in a romantic relationship, I can’t see how Rose could truly hold his interest for very long. I feel River was a much better match because she represented unknowns that would hold his attention. Rose always felt a bit like Florence Nightingale Syndrome. She helped begin the healing of his PTSD

    Martha’s crush was annoying, but it wasn’t given front burner for most of her time and she’s really the closest to a classic companion that we’ve had in the new series, outside of Mickey. What I mean is that we weren’t hit over the head with how “special” she was. Rose was the “true love” and the “Bad Wolf”. Donna had her destiny. Amy is the girl who waited and grew up next to a crack in the universe. Clare is the Impossible Girl. Martha didn’t have a label or some timey wimey destiny. It feels much more like she chose her fate, unlike the others.

    I loved the companion teamup and it worked. I like the idea of The Doctor influencing people to defend the world in his absence. I get they were focusing on the new show, but they should have at least brought back Nicholas Courtney for this. In fact, putting him in the Harriett Jones role would have been epic. Have him bring the companions together and sacrifice himself to save the world like the soldier he is. It would have cost us a great Matt Smith moment, but it would have been great to have the Brigadier one last time. An appearance on The Sarah Jane Chronicles was not enough.

    With Davros, this hearkens right back to his first appearance in “Genesis of the Daleks”. The Fourth Doctor asked him if he had the power to destroy all life would he use it. After brief thought, his answer was a resounding. “Yes”. This episode is the culmination of that characterization. He’d destroy universes just because he could and to not use such power would be a waste, in his opinion. It’s a subject The Doctor, himself, would revisit shortly in “The Waters of Mars”.

  7. Awesome review Geek!

  8. I think David Tennant deserves more credit for his performance as Meta-Crisis Doctor. I got the impression that RTD wrote the angry scene and then kinda forgot this was meant to be a more abrasive Tenth Doctor. However, the way Tennant delivers certain lines – like the “You made me” on Bad Wolf Bay, the way he describes the newly-restored Dalek fleet, among others – did wonders to emphasise that this is a slightly off-Doctor Doctor.

  9. I’m sorry but why is creating the War Doctor a hack thing to do, i thought it was an interesting surprise to find out that those two did count towards his regeneration cycle.

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