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You know, it occurs to me that in all these issues, we haven’t really seen how young their blood actually is.

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  1. Okay, I swear that the guy who makes the Hulk comment at 12:05 had what looks like the Superman logo upside down on his shirt.

  2. Is it just me, or was Jim Valentino actually using Liefeld’s creation Badrock to openly mock Liefeld himself? I mean go watch SFDebris’s “Rise and Fall of The Comic Empire” that Linkara mentions. (You’ll be glad you did!). Badrock in this issue seems a near perfect caricature of Liefeld himself and his behavior and business practices.

  3. Just to give some feedback on the lighting you’re experimenting with, there was too much of a glare to the left of the screen and not enough lighting on your face.

  4. The title card for this episode make sense, since tomorrow IS Valentine’s Day.

    The internet has come along way, and it’s thanks to sites like YouTube and shows like this one that got me interested in stuff like the Romero Dead series, the Evil Dead franchise, Rocky, Rambo, the Godzilla films that I have NOT seen, and so on.

    4:03- In speaking of Youngblood #0, I should really mail that copy I found to you sometime soon.

    5:19- So, he’s like Trump at intelligence meetings. Makes sense.

    6:57- And given the reputation of Youngblood, I wouldn’t be surprised if they WERE watching either “The Amazing Bulk” or “Salo.”

    The panel of Los Angeles looks more like it should be a panel of Hell’s Kitchen for a Daredevil comic.

    15:08- OMG! WTF? This comic was made by a bunch of GABPINAHMMW2Ds (giant, annoying, big pains in the ass who make me want to die).

    23:00- HOKOGAN!!!

    With the comedy, I agree that this issue of Youngblood is enjoyable, but still stupid. As a movie buff, I just really hope that that Extreme Cinematic Universe never happens in our lifetime. I’ll stick with both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe, thank you very much.

  5. There totally should be a Youngblood comic on the mold of the TV version of badrock

  6. Also, have to love that Badrock is wearing a black-and-white Mr. Incredible shirt.

  7. I love all the exposition at the beginning. It really sets up the Internet well. I guess this is an anniversary video. I guess it is probably the best issue yet. Well, I don’t remember the other entries. It’s perhaps just as well.

  8. Pretty sure the director’s name was meant to be a combination of Lucas, Spielberg, and Coppola… Except I don’t remember any of them fitting that stereotype. Shouldn’t that be a megastar actor thing?

    That said, the “I’m not that kind of guy” joke flew over my head.

  9. @5:30 It’s amazing how image has done such 180 in terms of content from their early stuff.

  10. 12:58 I’m pretty sure LA was super hazy in the nineties so that bird’s eye view is actually captures it p well :p

  11. iamnotincompliance

    Of course the artwork is better than Liefeld’s. It shows characters feet. And they’re actual feet, on standard length legs, not diamond-shaped deformities at the end of stilts.

    I think Rubin is supposed to be Robin “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” Leach. Still doesn’t explain the lack of pants.

    • The Real Silverstar

      I think the interviewer’s lack of pants is a reference to how reporters and news anchors are rarely shot below the waist, so they could be wearing anything in that region; as in casual pants, jeans, shorts or no pants at all.

  12. I imagine it’s been pointed out before but, Badrock just seems like a blatant ripoff of the Thing from Fantastic Four. Although, he does have those giant shoulder pads which make him a totally unique character…

  13. I actually remember reading your “All-Star Batman & Robin” written reviews back when you first posted them, years before I’d started watching your show (most likely before you’d ever started doing it). Happy Ten Year Anniversary, and here’s to many more!

  14. It’s amazing to think you’ve been doing this for ten years. I hope it is just as much fun for you as it was when you started.

    I agree that this is the best issue, if only because the characters make more interesting expressions than a constant scowl or open-mouthed snarl.

  15. 22:30 Since news media talking heads are usually only seen on camera from, at best, the chest up, they could show up on set with no pants and no one at home would ever know. I remember people used to joke (albeit not very often) about them actually doing that.

  16. Photo backgrounds are not that rare. I’ve seen Byrne do it.
    FWIW, I think they’re usually traced, not filtered.

    L.A. tends to have very low buildings, only a few storeys each (except Downtown, which just sprouts up!), so from the looks of that panel, I’m gonna guess you’re right – it’s not L.A.

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