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Chris Stuckmann reviews Your Name.

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  1. I usually hate love stories but this actually sounds interesting.

  2. Word of advice, if you want people to take your reviews more seriously, try not to insult your viewers so much with condescending lines about people ‘not being able to appreciate this film due to a lack of knowledge about anime and/or Japan’.

    My Chinese wife and I (two people with enough direct experience of Japan to probably meets your knowledge requirement) both watched and enjoyed this film, but did give it a B+, not because we do not have the knowledge required to appreciate it, but because we both found personally did have issues with what it was trying to achieve and its story becoming somewhat light.

    • I wouldn’t take that too much to heart. If you’re rating the film a B+, I think Stuckman would understand that it’s just your own experience of it. He’s not really addressing folks like you, but people who would just dismiss it entirely simply because they don’t understand it at all.

      My observation: Stuckman tends to skew his reviews to the positive side; he tends to love things most people just like, and tends to like things most people don’t like nearly as much. Frankly, I think it’s nice to have a different, more positive look at things to offset some of the hate people generally have these days, but it also tends to shade the way I think about the things he reviews.

      • It is not the difference of opinion which matters, but the fact he dismisses difference of opinion as others ‘just lacking the knowledge and ability to understand’ something.

        This is a way of thinking many people have when they really like something, but it is a way of thinking one who wishes to review a film properly should be above.

    • I don’t think he meant to imply that any problem anyone could have with the film must be because of a lack of knowledge, just that it could be an obstacle to fully appreciating it.

  3. Looks like a beautiful film. May give it a try. <3

  4. I just saw the US release tonight. WOW. Go See It.

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