You’re Screwed – WTFIWWY Live

This week: the taste Chinese customers can’t resist (without rehab), things you never want your flight attendant to say and taking snowdicking to a whole new level…

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  1. I had no idea you’d do that story from La Vergne. I actually live here(nice place but glad I didn’t grow up here). Also, hope Grady feels better.

  2. To be fair, snow dicks are a seasonal thing.

  3. On the racial slurs: you also have culture enabling prejudiced behavior by teaching people that anything they’re called out on is just “political correctness” and that it’s actually the political correctness we need to eradicate because we need to embrace a fundamentalist interpretation of free speech.

    Take the latest season of “South Park,” which created a character called “PC Principal” who policies everyone’s speech.

    • Yeah, South Park drives me up a wall. It’s not even funny. To paraphrase Randall Munroe, if the best argument you have for what you have to say is that it’s not illegal to say, it’s probably crap.

  4. My ex-boyfriend used the rods that Tara’s talking about. That’s one fetish I refused to engage him in.

  5. lilith_ascennding

    Poor Grady :(. Hope he gets well soon!

  6. @7:50 wow somebody is clearly compensating for something

  7. 3 feet of snow ? Heh, that’s cute. :3

    Next, we go for the ‘1m of snow’ Quebec Winter stretch goal !

  8. ”Retro is bullshit”… … …Surely, he didn’t mean to overgeneralize this for EVER-Y-THING, right ?

    I would like to remind him that things like ‘Retro gaming’ are a thing that exist, and to not file them ALL into the same ‘Bad thing’ category. -_-

  9. Now Nash needs a second cat named Slap Chop.

  10. i was in the trunk sometimes ….ah but it wasn’t like bad thing i could see my parents and i was fiiiine it was actually fun ….for the record i am not the teacher that did this lol

  11. But Nash, God is omniscient, which means, if works the way I imagine it does, you see everything all the time, whether you like it or not; therefore God witnessed the whole thing live. Then aging maybe he can tune things out and switch off the “swedes drawing snow dicks channel” whenever he pleases.

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