Zelda’s Adventure Review – Awesome Video Game Memories

The Nostalgia Critic forces Ryan to review the final Zelda game for the Philips CD-I: Zelda’s Adventure. Can Zelda and her guide Gaspra traverse the land of Tolemac and rescue Link from the clutches of Ganon? How does this game compare to Wand of Gamelon and Faces of Evil? Find out here!

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  1. Still can’t do a collab with Guru Larry? For shame! His Twitter shitposting has been the most entertaining part of this dumpster fire.

    • As they put it in the now-disappeared forums, it was as if, while Mike was piling more garbage onto the fire, Larry was just standing there roasting marshmallows.

      I even had an idea for a sitcom: Guru Larry makes Mike, Rob, and Doug’s life a living hell, but they dare not fire him because he’s the only non-Doug talent left on the site.

  2. They are deleting comments. Wow that makes them guilty af.

  3. Soooo…why are the forums offline?

    • There were some major trolls there earlier, posting some really disgusting stuff. The thread “Producers Who Have Left Channel Awesome” was at nearly 130 pages, and almost 100 of those about #changethechannel. So they have plenty of reason to want the forums gone. Still, very dickish of them. Or should I say, Mikish.

  4. because all the mods left and it was mostly full of anti-CA comments/posts

    also… only Brad and Larry left.. they’ve removed Blockbuster Buster and Gaming Wildlife.

  5. I feel really bad for Battle Geek Plus. They were one of the last hold-outs, and they were actually TRYING to get Mike, Doug, and Rob to do the right thing. But now, they have this crossover, and there’s not much they can do with it but let it be posted. And BGP was even posting in the forum with us. I’m really sorry how this whole thing played out for Ryan and the crew.

  6. LARRY! YOU’RE OUR ONLY HOPE!….For some reason i can’t log into the forums. Yeah, it’s tearing down now! I say we should all SPAM troll comments before this site is gone. WHO’S WITH ME?

  7. Wow, I did a quick check and the forums and blogs are gone!

    I give this website just one more week before it too is gone.

  8. In case anyone is interested, I left a eulogy on Doug’s very first video on this website. Just go to the bottom of the home page and pick last, the eulogy is on the Transformers review.

  9. Happy_Degenerate

    Now it’s just Doug, Doug, Doug on the front page! I can’t remember the time when he was so often on the front page in the last 5 years!

  10. I may be jumping the gun, but isn’t usually something else uploaded by now? Or has this website been left abandoned?
    Rob closed both his Facebook accounts, there’s a rumour that Brad has left and has yet to announce it, so really that would mean that Guru Larry has already achieved dominance.

  11. Shame. DING Shame. DING Shame…

  12. Wait… Guru Larry is on this website? I didn’t knew.

  13. Battle Geek Plus has quit Channel Awesome! That leaves Doug and Brad with Guru Larry laughing at them as the ship sinks!

  14. I’m still here, if no one can get in

  15. TheKnifewieldingTonberry

    I think this video is representative of the things going on CA.

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