Zenon: Z3 – Disneycember

We know Doug didn’t like the last film, is it possible this one can restore balance? Doug sees what’s up in space again with Zenon: Z3.

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  1. Yeah, I remember thinking the third sucked as a kid. I liked the other two. The funny thing is that I remember getting the third movie getting more marketing than the other two movies.

    • Probably an act of desperation, so that the channel can still claim it had good viewing figures.

    • Yeah I also remember “Zenon: Z3” commercials on the disney channel but not ones for the other two. Although it’s the first and second movies that I kind of remember.

      That just shows HOW forgettable the third one is. Disney pushed it way harder than the other two and I still don’t remember anything about it.

  2. I think I heard of this. Sounds pretty bad. Wouldn’t want to watch it. Well, most of these aren’t noteworthy. Still entertaining review, though. Glad it wasn’t Cheetah Girls bad.

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