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With almost 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, is Zootopia the masterpiece everybody has been building up?

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  1. I’m disappointed that you didn’t care for the movie as much, Doug — as you said, though, perhaps it’s because you went in wanting jokes and you seem so jaded with this particular message. For me personally, though — yes, I am a very accepting person and I have seen this message before in other stuff, but I come from a biracial family and I really liked that Disney was going there, particularly when few other family films will. I went to see the film with a bunch of my coworkers (we all worked at the Zootopia preview at Disney’s California Adventure), and there were several points where we were going, “Whoa — Disney actually *said* that?” I think the theme was a very risky one for Disney to tackle, and I think using an animal allegory for it a la Animal Farm was a very good idea. I think something I liked personally a lot about the theme, as opposed to many other “racism is bad” stories, is that they show the evil in prejudice against both predator *and* prey, rather than just having one species of animal being a stereotype of “white people” persecuting other animals who are stereotypes of “black people” and “asian people” and so on. It makes the allegory a little broader because it’s acknowledging that prejudice comes from multiple sources, and in the world of Zootopia, there is a history attached to it, just like there is a history to our racism. I think if you want a comedy with subtle race commentary, we already have Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, which is so good no one should try to replicate it — this is sort of the opposite, a race-commenting drama with subtle comedy, and for me at least, that was what I wanted.

    • Neo-stalgia Fan 1

      Um, did you not catch any of the parts where he said that it was “good”, that he “liked it”, that he thought there was “a lot of thought and effort put into it”? Are we watching the same video here?

      • He was watching the same video, as it’s clear that while Doug thinks this movie is good, he doesn’t consider it as great as everyone else considers it to be.

  2. Nice review. I plan on seeing it soon but I’d like to know if it’s worth watching in 3-D. Can anybody recommend it?

  3. In before everyone starts throwing out their “Zootopia is overhyped” comments because the internet doesn’t understand that there’s more ways to classify a movie outside of either “Amazing” or “Horrible”, lol.

    As for where Trump Supporters come from, two words: Fox. News. As long as they go on about how legitimate Trump is and how he’s changing the game, people will follow him no matter how horrible he is and use anything they can to justify it regardless of how true it actually is. Trust me. I know a guy who’s a former Trump supporter. That’s pretty much exactly what’s going on in many situations.

    • There is a rather excellent article about where Trump supporters come from. Check it out: http://www.vox.com/2016/3/1/11127424/trump-authoritarianism

    • Captain Speedbump

      I actually watch Fox News on occasion; believe it or not, they are not unabashed Trump supporters. They cover negative stuff about him, just a they cover positive stuff about him. And opinions from Fox News pundits vary on Trump, as it does with conservatives and Republicans in general.

      I think people who don’t watch Fox News tend to grossly overestimate the supposed power and influence it has on those who do watch it. Yes, they tend to have more of a conservative/Republican viewpoint than other news networks; there’s no denying that. But I don’t think it turns “ordinary” people into conservatives and Republicans like some seem to think it does; rather, it just attracts people who are already conservative and Republican.

  4. It’s because of the hype. Plus, the critics are worshipping Diisney like a fallen angel god.

    Still, it’s a decent flick.

  5. CurtTheHistorian

    the trailers turned me off of it cause I thought the designs looked like Disney is trying to do Fantastic Mr. Fox meets Kung Fu Panda. I think I will go see it now though

  6. Not 100% shocked that Doug wasn’t quite as hyped with this as everyone else is, looking back I’ve just realized he’s always been very resistant to anything that wants to teach some kind of moral to its audience, which I imagine is probably a big reason why he didn’t get into MLP, teaching morals being one of the key cornerstones of that show. Heck, even when it comes to things like SU and the other shows he and Rob have Vlogged they almost always seem to glance over whatever moral of the story the episode they’ve watched features and instead focused on the jokes or the cleverness of the writing.

    The only times I can really think of them focusing on the morals is when they’re done poorly, like in that one Avatar episode where Aang lies to resolve that conflict.

  7. Doug’s always going on about finding the middle ground and avoiding extremes, and then he talks about how Trump is a horrible, evil being and everyone who follows him is a racist idiot. Hypocrite much?

  8. You see, I found this movie to be a pleasant surprise. I don’t think the movie was hammering in these morals. I just took it as some sort of weird dystopian society.

  9. The only thing I didn’t like were the actively unsupportive parents with straw man lines. I see them way too much in non-Disney family films, and I’m kind of surprised to see it from WDAS in a movie that was otherwise really great. I thought the film was amazing, had great characters, a great purpose, and was definitely a technological step up. Lots of fun. I really want to see it again soon. :))

    • I think the idea was to joke about the timid nature of the species. Plus give something to juxtapose her indomitable determination.

      • Valid idea, but they were anything but timid in letting her know what they wanted her not to be. They simply didn’t feel like real characters, hare or not. It would have been more fun to watch them timidly try to say no while not wanting to offend/crush her, rather than say blunt, bold, straw statements like “Give up on your dreams.” (paraphrasing?) with a smile. It defeats a good chunk of Judy’s emotional journey for me. But I still think the rest of the characters are fantastic.

  10. Please be aware that I am not an American and am very anti-government.

    Three patterns of the progressive left that you seem to fit into are:
    1 ) Self-segregating away from other political opinions (progressives politics are effectively an ethnic group)
    2 ) Seeking jobs in media and education thus gaining disproportionate representation.
    3 ) Assuming that anyone with slightly different political views is a neo-nazi.

    From what I have seen Trump’s views on immigration are based on the logistical problems rather than ideological racism. I think that the existence of a government (defined by Obama as a monopoly of force) is the root of the problems he is trying to solve and that he will make things much worse but please look beyond the quote mined sound clips.

    • Where do I even begin?

      – Ignoring how circle-jerks are pretty much standards with all political affiliations, the only people who so much even define “progressive left” as an unified group are their critics. In other words, you’re an oblivious hypocrite.

      – And? Unless you’re a conspiracy nuts, there’s nothing wrong with representation. I love the implication that you think this is a deliberate move instead of the consequence of rational people adopting leftist views.

      – Given your tolerance of an actual neo-nazi, you’re simply burying your own grave.

      – A) Because fanning the flames of prejudice in scapegoats and ignoring multiple anti-immigration problems is such a logical course of action [/sarcasm], B) so you basically admit you’re avocating anarcho-capitalism, easily the most despotic governmental system to be capable of evolving.

      • – You’re completely wrong on this. We love to get the pop corn out and watch the in fighting.

        – I meant that leftist who focus on culture dominate the media and avoid contact with the kind of people who would vote for Trump and are then shocked when the numbers come in.

        – I’m not a trump fan but I don’t think his half baked, militarist, geopolitical policies are racially motivated either. If you gave me an American citizenship and forced me to vote I would probably write Cthulhu in as a protest. Unless it’s in 2020, then Adam Kokesh.

        -A ) I can’t make sense of your grammar here.

        -B ) I pretty much fall under that category though I think in practice such a society would replicate many features of socialist anarchism. Even Walter Bloc’s description of how residential streets ought to be handled is essentially communist.

        BTW what are your own political leanings? I suspect you might be a more traditional anarchist but I can’t be certain.

        • – That’s at odds with reality, to say the least. As hint by your insecurity here.

          – What’s that supposed to mean? With the advent of the internet and social media there is no real isolation. And considering what Trump preaches and advocates against, his success is puzzlingly even to hardcore republicans.

          – A) I think I’ve made my point clearly: his “points” are the exact opposite of rational conclusions.

          – B) Then it would cease to be truly anarcho-capitalist

          Apolitical, though more sympathetic to the left.

  11. Bad review, didn’t talk about the movie much or any scenes what so ever. Brad Jones did a better review.

  12. I once overheard someone on a bus say that he liked Trump even though Trump doesn’t know when to shut his big mouth. Unfortunately, he never said exactly why he liked Trump.

  13. Doug focused so much on politics that he did’t even complained about moment at the start of Act 3 when characters were moping and doping.

  14. I appreciate a couple of comments made here.
    To me being a tad on the conservative side, I did kind of get annoyed with the whole “racism is bad.”
    Me: “Nawwwww, shit! It IS? HOLY COW. I’ve never read a history book. Oh yes I have. And I’ve read the part where the people we’re supposed to feel sorry for we’re kind of bad about racism and genocide, too, and they had to get bullied to understand being a bully was wrong.”
    In other words, a less nice stance than Doug, a bit right leaning, but ultimately the same.
    It’s a good movie. I really enjoyed some of it and I really cringed at an over simplified explanation of “racism is bad” and “diversity is good” and all that great (but overdone) jazz. It has the valid, but again overdone, msg of tolerance, but to it’s credit it was done well and had plenty of good action, animation, character development, comedy, all that. So even though I might cringe at what I feel is a patronizing over simplification of how racism starts, where it comes from, and how to deal with it, well I could at least overlook it for the said nice things about it. Judy Hopps is a loveable character, like you literally fall in love with her, and she reminded me of a really good friend I had in the army (almost had a crush on her).
    That being said, one thing that I appreciated was that it showed that both sides can be racist. Replace Predator with “conservative” and Prey with “liberal” and you get what I mean. The Prey animals are being afraid of being tyrannized by the more naturally aggressive and dangerous species, and then in response they make a police state. The sheep lady could almost be seen as a liberal version of Donald Trump, or how some feminists want men to be put in concentration camps cuz Men are more naturally violent. And it’s true, men are more naturally violent and majorities can oppress minorities more easily. BUT we see it can come full circle and go the other way with it. The people who view themselves as less dangerous and more potentially victims can become kind of a totalitarian police state, too.
    I’ve even had a funny idea about a story of my own, where prey animals are so scared of becoming food for predators, that they actually become a genocidal fascist state, or alternatively a communist police state, and in the long run start systematically killing more than the original oppressor.
    And I appreciate that in this movie. Of course, people won’t take it that way, or even if they realize it might be getting at it they might not acknowledge it, or they might take the original msg (be tolerant to people smaller and different than you) and think that the plot twist with the evil Sheep Secretary, is just an extension of Donald Trump, and not also a warning about what the alternative could do in response to that, and that it can be just as bad.
    Honestly, when they just arrested the Lion mayor and Hopps was gonna give that speech, and what she said offended the Fox, and they had that talk…the fox made the point about him being a predator and it scaring Officer Hopps to where she almost reached for her pepper spray. It shows it can go both ways.
    Fox: I bet you’re scared of me aren’t you? Yeah I saw that little can of fox spray.”
    Hopps: “But, you, you, you’re a”
    Fox: Say it. Cuz I’m a predator (Man, conservative, gun owner, religious guy, nationalist). Cuz there are women who are beginning to think all men are rapists or something.
    So if you replace Predator with conservative and prey with liberal, or even vice versa, it makes a valid point after the plot twist that I appreciate, even if other people didn’t see it that way. That the “champions of tolerance and freedom” can be just as bad at certain points. Sometimes tyranny of the weak is worse than tyranny of the strong. And the sheep lady, yeah, she kind of reminded me of trump, but her personality was stereotypically liberal. So she’s an example of how the left who opposes trump, because they are human (or talking sheep secretaries) can make the same mistake. That includes authoritarianism, discrimination, police state, brutality, genocide, and false flagging people (framing them).
    Anyway, the closet furry in me really enjoyed it. I liked the Fur Fighters reference on her Ipod, and the main characters were loveable, esp the female ones. I can be a sentimental wiener, so yes the main heroine and main villianess reminded me of 2 special ladies I worked with in the military. They were kind. They’re still my friends. And the lady that Judy Hopps reminds me of, has, in certain posts. argued with me over politics. I didn’t try to change her mind, I just tried to open it to how other people think so at least she won’t think everybody she disagrees with, disagrees with her from a source of hatred and ignorance. Some of it is just a different thought process.
    And for somebody special like her, the fact that she thinks I’m pretty open minded and fair for somebody she disagrees with (somebody who’s a bit conservative) that means a lot. But it mainly means a lot because we’re friends. And when you have similar hearts, differences mean less.
    Ya know that scene where Bunny comes back after finding out about the Night Howler plants, she’s in the pink shirt and finds the fox under the bridge? She apologizes and even gives in to him a little bit and her still forgives and loves her? Yeah, the scene brought back a few memories, so yeah I got a little sentimental at that scene. Guess it reminded me of someone I care about….and the ending made you think less about politics and more about finding someone you love. It’s not a romance story, but it could very easily have been one.
    Peace out.

  15. Man, now I want a Zootopia-themed NC review of Crash, like the Inside Out/Osmosis Jones one.

  16. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Glad you liked this movie Doug. I will say though, with the kids in the theater, a lot of times it can depend on the audience you happen to get. I mean, I remember when I saw Cars in theaters and EVERYBODY was laughing at just the right moments, me included. And I know how you feel about that movie. Maybe a lot of kids in other theaters were more engaged with the movie than the ones in your theater were. Just food for thought.

  17. Doug, PLEASE stick to the movie. I dont come to watch you for your political opinions. Branding Trump supporters as prejudice is just turning off any viewers that are Trump supporters. Its a completely irrelevant topic. I saw a good, fun movie, and didn’t even think in the terms of a prejudice lesson until you brought it up. Please leave those opinions out of it. Its just an opinion fueled by media bias. If what you and others are saying is true then I don’t know why I have black, white, hispanic, old, and young friends that are supporters, and I can tell you they aren’t prejudice. Please, if I want to hear political stuff i’ll flip on CNN, I come to you for entertainment.

  18. I thought this movie was amazing, definitely up there with The Incredibles, Up, Toy Story 3, and Inside Out as Disney/Pixar gold. I think that Doug gets easily disappointed by hype, something that I’ve never had a problem with, as well as getting sick of common tropes. I loved it. I loved the characters, the world it created, the humor, and even the somewhat clichéd plot.

    • I agree, a lot of people thought the films was pretty good, but not up there with the Disney/Pixar classics, but man I love this as much as I love The Incredibles

  19. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I definitely get where Doug is coming from when he’s mad about Trump leading in the polls I definitely understand. I really hope does a Disneycember on this cause I would’ve like to known more of his thoughts on it.

  20. I know Trump supporters. My mother says she will vote Trump over Clinton. My uncle is openly pro-Trump (he seems to be falling for the idea that he is some sort of business genius). The owner of the company I work for has been sharing more and more pro-Trump stuff on Facebook. I have friends who report the same thing I’m experiencing: They don’t want to believe the support exists, but are finding out that a lot of older family members are somehow liking Trump. No one should sit back and think Trump being in the lead is going to hand the election to the Democrats on a gold-plated platter. If he gets the nomination then everyone better get out and vote for sanity lest crazy win the day.

  21. Honestly, I would use Metacritic as a metric of universal acclaim. Many movies that get a lot of mildly positive scores and very few negatives do very well on Rottentomatoes, but only a very small number get above 95 on Metacritic.
    As for Zootopia, I honestly liked the relationship between the two leads more than anything. But I do feel like the portrayal of prejudice is somewhat more fleshed out than is normal for these films, with many characters having systemic or personal reasons to be bigoted. Also, I think he overstated its obtrusiveness, the only sizable block of complaining was toward the end. And while the speeches got a bit annoying, it was the payoff to Judy’s hypocrisy, which was fairly central to the film.
    I thought some of the references got out of hand, and the celebrity presence was superfluous, but the buddy cop setup works, and some themes hit home. And that is more than I can say for most of the recent animated Disney films.

  22. I probably should stay out of this, but…

    I’m seeing a lot of people in the comments disgusted about why Trump is getting so much popularity and going off on the same tirades everyone else on the Internet does about how you’d have to be crazy, racist, sexist, psychotic, disgusting, etc., etc., etc. to vote for him and that everyone is ignorant for having been swindled by him into voting for him.

    Even if all of that or most of that is true…you all don’t get it, do you? No more than the media does. You’re saying the same things everyone out there has been saying for months about him and, more importantly, about EVERY candidate on the Republican ticket even if they were far more moderate. And it’s not hurting his popularity or making less people vote for him. It’s just making yourselves feel morally superior. The reason he’s surging is two things:

    1. Most of the people publicly shouting him down would never vote for any Republican candidate anyway; hence their opinion is worthless to his supporters.
    2. Since the same stuff is always said about every Republican candidate and their supporters, we’ve now reached a dangerous point. Namely, the point where his supporters either ignore it or RELISH in negative traits, just because they’re tired of the same old song every election.

    The way to have dealt with Trump would have been to ignore him rather than continuously give him more coverage every time someone publicly wants to shout him out. Now it’s probably too late.

    • Captain Speedbump

      Also, keep in mind that Republican support for Trump is hardly universal; there are a number of Republicans who don’t like Trump and don’t want him for president, including high ranking Republican leaders.

  23. As far as the really high Rotten Tomatoes, as I understand it, it’s a reflection of how many critics viewed it positively, not the degree to which they thought it was good. Ie, if nearly every critic gives it 4 out of 5 stars, it’s still probably not as good as many movies that would get 5 stars from most critics. The highest brackets of RT better reflect broad-based appeal then paragons of quality – it’s a good metric for finding something you’ll probably like, but not as useful for finding something you’ll love.

  24. in the uk, our trump is nigel farage and his party is ukip. im not as surprised by the support they get because the older generation of brits seem easier to mislead and are not very open minded. traveling through portland oregon made me more open minded to mutual respect and going green and a lot of the uk is still living in the past. maybe the uk needs this film and i cant wait to see it

  25. Yeah, I wasn’t really part of the group who enjoyed it because “OMG this is so relevant to what’s going on this movie is so right but prejudice and blah blah blah blah…”. I loved it because it was great at showing how the CHARACTERS that went through that, not because it was hammering the message in. That’s not to say I don’t agree with the message, I totally do. But I really enjoyed getting to know these characters, and when I see and hear about what went on against them, I really feel for them.

  26. Zootopia, or as I like to call it, furry noire.

  27. Totally agreed. I, for one, don’t really care about things being Topical. I want my stories be good stories in themselves, not a social commentary about something that is important right now, and my characters being created to be unique and interesting and not from a mindset “It has to be an X because we don’t have enough X and diversity is important” (looking at you, Ghostbusters).

    That said, I actually really liked Zootopia for the most part. Not my favorite animated movie by a long shot but they actually managed to create great characters, tell an interesting story and not to sound nearly as preachy as I expected from a premise. That is a very good example of how topical movies should be made: to be good movies first and important – second.

  28. This weekend, I’m either going to see this or Gods of Egypt. Yeah, I said it. Also, I don’t vote so I’m no one’s supporter. Although, I must say Hilary Clinton has gotten better outfits lately so props on that . LOL.

  29. I didn’t register that the bunnies are good at multiplying line was actually a breeding joke. Maybe I was slow tonight. I did catch the rapidly increasing population sign on Judy’s way out in the beginning of the film though. While we’re on the subject of adult humour, that night howler lab is a grow op reference.

    Anyways, I enjoyed the movie just fine, though it’s a little cliched at times and I did see a couple twists coming. I do think it’s clever that the animals in the film are proportional to what their actual size would be, instead of all species being the same size like in most anthropomorphic stories. There were a few good jokes to be had with that premise. It’s not the most clever I’ve seen, but after seeing the trailer, I’m glad it didn’t end up revolving around milking a few jokes, like the sloth scene. I think this might be Disney’s Kung Fu Panda, though I’m not sure if they should rush out and make sequels. Then again, it worked for Kung Fu Panda.

    I’m not American and don’t care much for Trump, but is he really that bad? I know he’s a racist and a xenophobe, but is he really the worst possible thing people are saying he is?

  30. Prejudice and diversity, RED ALERT. I will stay away from it for these exact reasons.

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