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With almost 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, is Zootopia the masterpiece everybody has been building up?

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  1. So your big complaint is that this kids movie, that’s trying to teach today’s children about tolerance, is nothing new to a 30+ man like you? Are you serious? Just because you already know this lesson doesn’t mean that all the kids of today’s generation knows about it.

  2. thatchickwithlonghair

    I really loved it for the two main characters. I loved them as individuals and as a duo. I’m a real sucker for those type of bonds, especially when it’s two adorable fuzzy animals with wonderful expressions and voice actors.

  3. I saw this movie about two weeks ago and I absolutely fell in love with it. I was super hyped up for it and it didn’t disappoint me. It made me tear up twice. It might even be in my top 5 favorite Disney movies for multiple reasons. Almost everything about it just… Worked. And there are so many different elements to look at when reviewing this film.

    That being said, Doug is one of my favorite critics on YouTube. The Nostalgia Critic is the main reason I love critiquing films and want to become a film critic. I was really excited to see Doug’s review of Zootopia… And I was pretty disappointed. And I’m probably not the only one. Usually he notices little details and appreciates multiple elements of a movie, but here, all he talked about was politics and the message. He forgot to talk about the animation, the characters, the world they created, the voice acting, how heartfelt it was, Ect. I wanted to hear more and I kept waiting for him to say something about those things, but it never came. I’m not asking him to adore this movie, or any other movie that’s been hyped up. In fact, the hype may have had a lot to do with how much he enjoyed it. But as a critic, I think it’s important to look at more than one or two elements of a movie. This review could have been longer and more detailed. I understand that he doesn’t have to love it, but I wish he would have looked at it closer. Just because he didn’t love it doesn’t mean he shouldn’t talk about something other than the message.

  4. The prejudice plot was a bit obvious after a little, but OH BOY was the first concept plot extremely blatant with that, as it was supposed to focus on Nick in a dystopian Zootopia where all predators are fitted with shock collars in case they attack.

  5. I loved this video if only because of the Trump comparisons. Yeah, I don’t know any supporters either. That “South Park” episode said it perfectly. I personally loved this movie and would probably put it in my Top 10 Disney movies of all time. I thought it was better than “Inside Out”. The animation was GORGEOUS!

  6. Im sorry I cant agree its heavy handed. It didint feel like this and it felt like they mixed comedy and message rather well and its balanced. Its hands down my second favorite recent disney movie. WIth wreck it ralph and number 1 and big hero 6 at number 3. I also love the vast world and show each animals section. its not like they just jammed mouses and other animals in one section. They all have their own creative spot. I also love the shot at frozen it was pretty funny.

  7. Wow, Critic, so because I support Donald Trump, I need a talking bunny to explain racism to me? Well if that’s true, then you and Hillary Clinton need two talking bunny movies: one to show what happens when politicians stand by as businesses are forced to ship 35% of our manufacturing jobs to China and Mexico, just to stay competitive in their own country, and one to explain how Sharia law works.

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