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At ConBravo Mikey Insanity met Internet Superstar Vangelus and history was made. The worlds greatest comedy-musical-transgender-scifi-superhero movie was reviewed!

Flubs/Behind the Scenes

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks Man of Steel has become for DC fans what Vietnam is for Walter Sobchak?

    Seriously, dude, you’re one of the less insane ones, and I still have to say, “Let it go!”

  2. What did I just watch

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I have to question why didn’t mikeyinsanity take the diamanda hagan pill and vangelus take the linkara pill since the person who have the same merest as each other it would make mre since but none the less this review was insane and this is a movie when I get older I will definitely watch. In the flubs though I felt bad for that crab that poor things so cute and yet one of hagans minions had to kill it(poor thing:(

  4. 6:45 – But he is his niece’s uncle. Just because he thinks he’s his niece’s aunt doesn’t make him her aunt.

    15:50 – How did he retrieve the gun? I thought the joke was that it got sent to the moon.

    21:00 – Has anything so far made sense in context?

    • 6:45 That’s not how it usually goes. A trans woman gets called by the female version of gendered nouns, just like she gets female pronouns. There’s occasionally a case made for saying “She’s the father” and “He’s the mother” if the former donated sperm and the latter gave birth, but that’s about it.

      There’s no real difference between an aunt and an uncle besides gender. So, if you change (external) gender, you change nouns.

      Of course, that’s not necessarily how it works in other cultures–hence the translation errors.

      • Oddly enough, the gender pronouns get regularly switched around with the Filipinos as it is. When my mom talks about someone male in English, she refers to him as “she; her” and vice versa (ex when she talks about my sister-in-law, she would refer to her as “he/him/his,” despite holding higher regards to her, compared to me).

        I’m assuming the Spanish-borrowed masculine & feminine pronouns of the Tagalog language were switched around. I could be wrong, simply because of my limited exposure to the language.

  5. Loved. It. You two communicate by expression much better than many crossover pairings! 😀

  6. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    What the fudge?

  7. Why does the alien ship look like a pink version of the titular one from Andromeda?

  8. I came for Linkara. That picture alone made me laugh. 😀 Plus, I love musicals. Also, the metal version of the AT4W theme was pretty cool. Oh, and gay is an insult? I didn’t think that was an insult if you were describing someone and not something? I’m confused… Although… I don’t really know what I just witnessed… ?

  9. Despite this movie’s humor revolving around casual homophobia/transphobia, being aware of the kind of predominantly catholic society from where my family & relatives hail from, Zaturrnah is quite progressive… male sexism aside 😉 I do like the Super Sentai look to the effects. Also the alien women remind me of the Fanta girls!

    I actually wasn’t aware of this movie until Diamanda showed it at a panel of crazy movie trailers; if TFC or ACBN advertised it’s showing back in the day (and I don’t see why not, since TFC’s main U.S. headquarters is in San Francisco), then I totally missed it. Filipino media has had a history of stereotyping gays, trans & cross-dressers (usually rolled into one because it was grouped as the same thing to them) into caricatures much like Didi, and are usually there to be comic-relief side characters (my boyfriend tells me that Mexican media does this as well, only it’s more mean-spirited because of their macho patriarchies). A lot of Filipino LGBT celebrities have been launched into the limelight by way of American shows; I wonder if they become even bigger when they return to their homeland, as a result.

    I’m so sorry for chuckling at Didi for thinking the queen villainess accused them of having AIDS…

    To answer Linkara’s question as to why they’re speaking both Tagalog and English interchangeably: That’s usually how Filipino media works over there. For commercials, actors & actresses are trained to minimize their hard consonant accents when they switch to English words. They love, love, love Hollywood celebrity culture.

    “Tagalog” is pronounced tah-GAH-loag by the way ;D

  10. Third Gender not getting any love in the Philippines

  11. BTW, Vangelus is HOT!

  12. This movie is basically SheZow but less sexist and just plain weirder.

  13. Am I the only one who thought the action scenes reminded me of tokusatsu?

  14. Bakla no Pico

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