101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure – Disneycember

Oh my God, is it possible? Did we actually find a good Disney sequel? Doug takes a look at 101 Dalmatians II: Patch’s London Adventure.

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  1. this was a good movie. and he probably won’t and that’s fine but if he likes Stitch the Movie and Leroy and Stitch, he’ll have given a pass to all the Disney Sequels I really care about.

  2. I don’t think that I ever saw this one but I knew of it. I’m starting to get the feeling that I only saw the bad Disney sequels. Practically all the ones you hated/said were bland I saw but the ones you liked more I’ve never seen. LOL.

  3. Really? I hated this film.

  4. The thumbnail image makes it seem like it’s a 101 Dalmatians, All Dogs go to Heaven crossover.

  5. I think pretty much the same thing with this movie as Doug does, which is odd because even with things I mostly agree with him on it isn’t 100%. Okay, so maybe I do disagree that this is the first good Disney sequel he’s reviewed. I personally think the Aladdin sequels (Yes, even Return of Jafar, despite its flaws), Enchanted Christmas (Even though he reviewed that last year), Simba’s Pride, and Scamp’s Adventure were all actually pretty good in my opinion. In fact, I’m still kind of not sure with Scamp’s Adventure if Doug considers Scamp’s Adventure to objectively be a good sequel to a movie that he thought was just okay and felt that way about the sequel or just found it okay. Yeah, that review did kind of confuse me. But yeah, this movie isn’t one of the Disney sequels I consider to be fantastic like the ones I mentioned above (Minus Return of Jafar, which was only good), but it’s a good movie. Although, I might SLIGHTLY like this movie more than the original because of better humor, I LOVE Patch, and Cruella is even more delightfully INSANE than she was in the original (That’s saying something).

  6. I’ve heard of this sequel, but I’ve never actually watched it. Honestly, I think I’ll search it out now since it does seem to hold all the charm of the original film.

  7. Never got around to watching this one. I may have to remedy that during the holidays. 🙂

  8. The Real Silverstar

    I’ve honestly never heard of this movie. I haven’t seen the other films, as Disney sequels aren’t my thing, but I at least knew about the others.

  9. Then there’s the “actual” sequel to 101 Dalmatians (as in the sequel to the original book that the film is based on), the Starlight Barking. Given the events of the book, you can see why Disney stuck with more adventures of the puppies that adapting that story.

  10. So I take it you’re glad they didn’t follow the sequel to the book?

  11. thatchickwithlonghair

    That’s good to know! I thought all the “cheapquels” were bad or mediocre. XD

  12. This still only has a rating of 5.8 on the IMDb. Honestly, it doesn’t look like anything special to me. Well, I didn’t think the original was great. It was good, just not one of my favorites. I’m glad you found one you like. According to the IMDb, the best is “The Lion King 1 ½”.

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