4 Games Cancelled for Stupid Reasons: Fact Hunt – Guru Larry

Guru Larry returns with the 100% original researched, Fact Hunt!!! This episode Larry takes a look at well loved video games that were axed to the most insanely idiotic reasons possible.

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  1. We surely need more Guru Larry here. More gaming from an european perspective.

  2. Fuck you Crytek. Maybe try the main character?

  3. Entertaining but didn’t believe a single one. 6 days too late, bud!

  4. So as best I can tell, the two women on the thumbnail have nothing to do whatsoever with the content of the episode… that’s pretty low clickbait territory Larry.

    • “As best as I can tell” You mean the two women that are quite clearly from TimeSplitters? Those women?

      But thanks for bashing me without bothering to watch the video first.

  5. From what I can tell Starcraft:Ghost was cancelled basically because WoW became popular…

  6. The last reason on the list didn’t sound stupid to me, just sad and depressing. Some people are just assholes for the sake of being assholes.

  7. The lack of Timesplitter’s 4 in my life is like a small thorn in my side. What could have been, now I know this chunk nugget of truth it hurts even more. Couldn’t they have just put a monkey with a shotgun on the front?

  8. The Streets of Rage 4 one is especially baffling. If the President wasn’t familiar with the series…surely one afternoon checking their back catalog would refresh his memory?!

    I’m not even remotely a fan but…wow, just wow.

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