5 Cancelled Games, Resurrected as Legendary Titles – Fact Hunt

Larry takes a look at five instances of games that were given the axe, but not only were given a second chance as a new IP, but also turned into classic titles!

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  1. Copyright infringing Robin hood…

    This may be the furthest stretch and least compelling attempt to diss to the Legend of Zelda anyone has ever tried.

  2. Well.. in case of Halo no one give a shit when it was announced because it wasn’t first FPS on console as people tend to believe. Most console Shooters before Halo were a trash, and Halo was first what undeniably wasn’t (well.. was less trashy because in comparison to PC all of them were until Modern Warfare). But as it isn’t hard to guess people couldn’t know that until game was released.

  3. Yeah, I recall being rather impressed by Star Fox Adventure’s graphics, yet thoroughly underwhelmed by its gameplay. And it was lame the final boss was just, Andross, again.

  4. Who’s that old guy Larry’s always making fun of? I missed out on that joke, apparently, and it bugs me! XD 😛

    • Peter Molyneaux…Molly-knew?

      He was once a great computer gaming pioneer responsible in full or in part for innovative games like Populous, and Dungeon Keeper.

      However, over time he started making huge promises and delivered games that didn’t quite deliver. Like Black & White and the Fable Series.

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