5 Famous Video Game Trilogies That Were Never Completed – Fact Hunt

Guru Larry takes a look at 5 video games, that were intended to be epic three-part escapades, but for multiple reasons never made it past it’s first or second entry!

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    I’m calling Knights of the Old Republic as one of them.

    KOTOR was a great game. And KOTOR2 had a lot of potential; unfortunately, due to bad management, the latter was rushed to market before completion to make the holiday sales window, and ended up tanking. KOTOR3 never happened, despite being heavily foreshadowed in KOTOR2.

    • Good point, though as far I recall it never really was announced so most people didn’t really expect to be a trilogy.

      • TragicGuineaPig

        Near the end of KOTOR2, there’s a discussion between the Exile, Bastilla Shan, and Carth Onasi, in which they reveal to the Exile that Revan has left the known galaxy in search of “The True Sith”. The ideas set up in that conversation and later in the game indicated that there was going to be a third game, perhaps one in which the player character goes in search of Revan, or perhaps both Revan and the Exile. But, alas, the series was killed, and what follow-up there was I guess ended up in The Old Republic MMORPG.

  2. Ah, Advent Rising. A Destiny of the milenium! I just waited to write “you forget about Advent Rising” but he didn’t. But now to be honest, I in fact did liked Advent Rising. Yup. I did said it! Yes, it isn’t great game, but neither gameplay or the design wasn’t below the standard of that time. It was generally average game with the quite innovative gameplay and in fact interesting plot (way better then what we finally get in Destiny).

    I’m almost sure that it bombed due to lack of polish important on the consoles, and too innovate gameplay and story what was too much for that platform audience still expecting dumb games. And obviously it was another case of over-hype because everyone expect masterpiece. Still I would love if someone would resurrect this franchise, just with proper modern reworking.

  3. TheGuyThatAlsoHasGlasses

    Larry, you’re one of the last reviewers still on CA but I STILL don’t see your videos in the main feed. They are still treating you like an outsider when you’re one of the only non-Walker contributors left. Take a hint, you’re worth more than this.


  5. I was out of line. I sincerely apologize for my comment.

    • Thinking about this more, that apology is insufficient. Here’s a better one:

      I’m sorry. I should have known better, as a cancer survivor, to wish that terrible disease on anyone. I remember the horrible fear when I first was diagnosed, the years of constant scans and tests wondering if it spread, the relief at having it pronounced as being in remission.

      I acted out of anger because GamerGate hurt people I love, and just hearing that someone might have given it the time of day made me lash out unchecked. That’s not an excuse. It’s something I’m always working on, slowly, surely, but slowly.

      Let the above be a reminder that people are imperfect (since I can no longer edit or remove it). Let this be my sincere regret at having typed it. I am sorry, Guru Larry and anyone who read what I posted and was hurt by it.

  6. All hail king Larry!

  7. Indeed, hail to the king of Channel Larry.

  8. TheKnifewieldingTonberry


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