5 Game Consoles Literally Rotting Away – Fact Hunt

Game consoles were sadly never built forever, but a lot of retro gamers are completely unaware how quickly these systems are disintegrating. So join Larry as he talks about 5 consoles that may not exist within the next 10 years.

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  1. O gizmondo that take me back to 15 year ago.One of my friends was play one of them.Then he change the game take out the back and take out the battery and put in game cartridge in.I was like what do you have to do that each time to change a game and say yes.But he try to hide that was a big pain because spread €200 on it.But he did say the phone part suck too big lol 15 year to early.
    O gizmondo love how fails at every things would love a shows on it great party of history.The 3D part of the gizmondo was the best part still do not knows how the did that it was before PSP.

    • I Could check if my friends still has a gizmondo still and could buy it because i want one for history.I could give it to you for 2 week.But knows my friends he sell it for new phone one year after. Pleases God he did not do that.

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