5 Games Renamed for REALLY Stupid Reasons – Fact Hunt

Video games often have to be renamed during development, or when ported to another country. But you wouldn’t believe some of the hilarious reasons why! Come listen to Larry’s mouth noises…

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  1. Chicken Puppet

    About the game “Another World” being renamed to “Out of This World” to avoid confusion over a daytime soap opera:

    It’s doubly ironic because there was a syndicated kids TV show called “Out of This World” in 1991 about a teenage girl from outer space with magic powers living in suburbia.

  2. Could someone explain my what exactly branding issues they have with Demon Souls? I always presumed it was because of publisher, but I may be incorrect. Not that it matter much as FromSoft in general is liberal in naming as parts of “Soul” series are also games like King’s Field and Bloodborne.

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