5 Hilariously Idiotic Gaming Screw Ups – Fact Hunt

Guru Larry takes a look at five cases of business decisions in gaming that went hilariously wrong, many of which have been forgotten, until now!

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  1. We had the pro Action Replay here in America, but, it never really made it big. Game Shark was the big cheathack tool of choice for us colonials.

    • I actually still have my Action Replay Max for the NGC. I don’t use it any more since the only game I still play is Harvest Moon: Magical Melody, and the cheats tend to break the game and make it so you can’t collect all the notes while they’re active.

      Well, that game, and it’s the only way I can play my GBA carts now that my DSi cart reader is broken…

  2. Biggest bone head mistakes made by video gamming companies: I’d have to say it was when Sega forcibly closed Sega Technical Institute and force all future games to be made in Japan exclusively despite the fact that their Japanese Division didn’t have that many titles at all and the ones everyone associates with them were in fact made by STI and SoA. The move was also a sign of their racism as it all had to do with SoJ wanting to have a one sided dick measuring contest without SoA knowing about it by using Sonic as the title of choice and the fact that STi/SoA was raking in billions while pumping out games and merchandise like a 12 year old who just discovered Porn and SoJ couldn’t even come close to touching it or even producing a single game in the time it took for their American division to make no less than three games (Sonic2, Sonic 3, Sonic &Knuckles all in the same time it took them to make Sonic CD which BTW was slated for the same release date as Sonic 2, which would have been a HUGE difference in quality but by the time CD was released it wasn’t any real leap over what was already out)

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