5 Mascots Cancelled For Incredibly Messed Up Reasons – Fact Hunt

In a media world, Mascots come and go often… 99% of the time it’s from lack of sales, but every now and then, they’re scrapped because of all manner of bizzare, insane and even tragic reasons. So this episode, Larry checks out the strange reasons behind some of their cancellations…

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  1. I remember Blasto. But I never knew of the game’s darker shadows of why it never got anything. Yowch. But hearing about the Noid, Jesus H. Christ, shit escalated in no time flat.

  2. I believe Rick Ross comes into my house and steals my socks.

  3. Mask_and_mirror

    OMG Horace! Please bring back Horace.

  4. Thanks for dredging up old memories of that horrifying Atlanta Olympics mascot. He haunts my dreams!

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