5 Shocking Marketing Stunts that Backfired – Fact Hunt

Guru Larry takes a look at publishers attempt to promote their games using controversy, but backfired miserably.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    Got to love that Lost Vikings music.

    What’s a DovAHkiin? Because it’s pronounced DOvaKIIN.

    Makes me wonder if any of Capcom’s missing body parts were used in the Mad World promotion. Some Sega PR exec just walking along says, “Hey! A severed leg! I bet this would make a great promotion for a video game!”

  2. It would have been a PR nightmare if some killer had actually strewn real body parts around London during the Capcom promotion.

  3. At least Sega monitored the locations of their severed arms…

  4. No mention of that ridiculous “Document yourself committing one of the Seven Deadly Sins” stunt EA pulled to promote Dante’s Inferno?

  5. Red Priest Rezo

    Love the Juiced commercial. And doubt it backfired.

  6. There was one promotion where they had big ads in game magazines showing disgusting things like a jar of toenail clippings…can’t remember what game that was for.

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