5 Suspicious Review Scores With Insane Backlashes – Fact Hunt

Review scores are a subjective opinion, but every now and then scores appear that are way higher or lower than they objectively should be. So this episode of Fact Hunt, Larry looks at 5 suspicious review scores that were either due to corruption or incompetence, but all received huge backlashes!

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  1. The soccer management thing is particularly strange to me.
    I can just imagine him picking up “Sim City” and wondering why he wasn’t able to drive around and shoot people and giving it a 2/10 (would not bang) for being a crime sandbox.

  2. I’m not into soccer, or sports games in general. However, the term “Casual fan” is one that raises an eyebrow in me. I’ve heard it before while someone was talking about a Batman movie. I was thinking, “Caaaa-ssuuuu-all batman fan? What is a Ka-shoo-wal Batman fan and why should we care what this mythical creature thinks?

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