5 Unbelievably Massive Franchises You’ve Probably Never Heard Of – Fact Hunt

This episode Guru Larry takes a look at five much lesser known, but still incredibly successful franchises that you might be surprised at how popular they actually are!

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  1. Love the use of Simian Acres in the video. πŸ˜€

  2. Yeah, “probably never heard of” is definitely aimed at people outside of North America for Oregon Trail; It was EVERYWHERE in the US and Canada.

    Which is why I don’t think its sales numbers are all that shocking: Many, many, many schools and libraries would have purchased this game; Kids would then go home and say “Mom! I REALLY like this game!” and as it was an educational, inoffensive, game that the kids actually wanted, parents would have run out to buy it.

  3. Most of the games in this video are only unknown to people outside of certain regions, except those girls games. Release 46 editions of anything, and the numbers will start getting up there.

  4. The first two I had never heard of, at least outside of the Americanized baseball one…

    Imagine games are notorious shovelware, and I’m surprised they only sold that many since you see them clogging up used Wii and DS trade in sections.

    Oregon trail was hugely popular in America, and many schools probably accounted for a lot of the early sales. So Yanks CAN Wank the Oregon Trail.

  5. Captain Chaotica

    Oregon Trail! Yeah, you’re talking to the wrong crowd here if you’re telling _Yanks_ they can’t wank that one–it was everywhere in American elementary schools for a while and it’s ABOUT American history! (Loosely.)
    But to people from other countries, it might indeed be obscure? Unless they’ve seen Let’s Plays of it on YouTube, and some people have done _long_ serieses of it.

    Incidentally, though the original is a classic…check out Oregon Trail 2 instead. It has _so_ much more…everything, including of course ways to die, and is TEH SHIT. πŸ™‚ Put it this way: The official strategy guide apparently has like 24 pages of BAD events…and like, 2 and a half of good ones. : P

    (Just don’t let anybody put the remake “Oregon Trail 5” over on you–the cartoon cut scenes pound you over the head with HERE IS THE MORAL!!, are cheesy as hell, and take away from the overall kinda dark-in-a-funny-way tone. And for some reason, when they ported over the clunky live-actor NPC’s, they took _out_ the lip movement!)

  6. I did play Lineage 2 back in the days.. damn that grinding

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