9 Deaths Of The Ninja – Brandon Tenold

Ninjas! Nazis! Dance sequences! It’s the martial-arts action movie “9 Deaths Of The Ninja” (1985) starring Sho Kosugi!

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  1. They were obviously trying to go for a James Bond style, with the opening song/visuals and the odd names. The problem is that you need a certain suave style to make names like “Pussy Galore” work, which this film doesn’t have. Also, in the Bond films, any “social” scenes moved the plot forward.

    On the other hand, it is nice to know that Roman Moroney from Johnny Dangerously reformed and is now working with law enforcement.

  2. My guess is that the opening was intended to imitate James Bond openings of that era, like “For Your Eyes Only”.

    Well, they do say that… “LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD!”

    Nothing says Ninja Action Adventure like German Oktobeerfest Oompa music.

  3. Bonus points for the Thomas Dolby joke.

  4. I love Sho Kosugi. Back in the 80’s when Ninja’s were the “kewl” thing back then, Sho Kosugi was the martial arts action star that capitalized on it all.

    Not every Ninja theme flick he starred in was good but, he did make two damn good movies which are pretty much the GOLD STANDARD of Ninja Cinema.

    Those two movies are:

    #1- Revenge of The NInja(1983)
    #2-Ninja III The Domination(1984)

    Action packed fight scenes, kickin’ soundtrack, cool characters, etc. If you like Ninja flicks, it really doesn’t get any more awesome than these two.

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