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In case you didn’t see these from Doug’s Facebook or our Twitter, here there are! Doug does a quick break down on some movies from the 1990s and past Oscar nods!

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  1. One slight error: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, was released in 1989.

  2. “Don’t worry Ford, he (JJ Abrams) has great plans for your character’s future!” – Nostalgia Critic

    Oh Doug, you really don’t remember do you? Harrison Ford and Lawrence Kasdan WANTED Han Solo to die ever since Return of the Jedi back in the day! George Lucas rejected this idea and it was seemingly meant to be that Han Solo would live….

    …until Lawrence Kasdan and Harrison Ford came back to The Force Awakens and decided to finally do what they always dreamed of. So don’t go blaming JJ Abrams with what the writer of Episode 5/6/7 and the actor wanted for 30 years.

  3. 2 NC’s in one day?! Is it Christmas already?

    I thought they were being hosted on vessel. Never heard of this player.

  4. I grew up in the 90’s, so I saw most of these, even classics like “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
    For years I had loved cartoons like “Rock-a-doodle” “Tom and Jerry the Movie” “Felix the Cat the Movie” and “Pagemaster” When I saw Doug review all these on Youtube back in 2011 I was like, “how dare he criticize my nostalgia! I was looking up Rover Dangerfield and came across this crummy hipster on Youtube who only wants attention…. wait… he’s…. actually really funny.” and I’ve been a fan ever since.

    So when I saw “8 crazy nights” I loved it, and before I realized I was interested in the worst cartoons studios ever had to offer (Clannad and Stephen Universe gave me the heads up) when I heard Whitey sing the song “Technical Foul” the music behind his shrill voice is actually very akin to the music in the “Tom and Jerry the Movie”… hmmm, maybe that’s why Doug hates it even more.

    Seriously though, the 90’s was just the 80s in drag.

  5. Yes. Go see Some Like it Hot. One of the smartest, funniest, and all around best movies ever made.

  6. The only thing that could be considered a good thing about Bio-Dome is Kylie Minogue.

    That is all.

  7. For everyone who’s asking about Tubi TV as being a new player, this is what it is, copy and pasted from Wikipedia, cause I’m a man, dammit!:

    “Tubi TV is a free, ad-supported television and movie platform found on the web and online streaming devices. Launched in 2014 by Adrise as a way to increase exposure for their content providers, Tubi TV holds the largest library of free TV and movies on the web. Content partners include Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), and Lions Gate Entertainment, among dozens more.

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    Anyways, these NC videos are just promotional ads for Tubi TV, as he does plug the website at the end of the videos.

  8. The Phantom is purple in “The Phantom” (movie and comic) because that is the color representation of the Bengali god he modeled his suit after; which to be fair, the movie never addresses.

    More importantly, you state that it is trying to be serious. You have got to be shitting me. Did we see the same movie? It is just a one rewrite away from full blown comedy-

    “Xander Drax- X-A-N-D-E-R D-R-A-X. Beginning and ending with the letter X” is clearly meant to be a funny line.

    And the line, “Did you hear the good news? We’re going to the Devil’s Vortex”.

    The comedy isn’t relegated to Treat Williams’s bad guy either- Zane’s “I thought they’d go well with my drapes” line is killer.

    Now, if you don’t think the comedy works, that is fine. If you don’t think the tone between the more dramatic moments (which do exist), the comedy, and the action gel well, more power to you. But, there is no way in hell “The Phantom” is trying to be taken seriously in any way at all.

    • To this day, Doug stubbornly refuses to believe that the Last Action Hero is a comedy, and the villains are intentionally written to be parodies of dumb action movie schlock.

      He just seems to have an issue with certain movies…and he also didn’t “get” that the Indiana Jones homage was meant to be tongue and cheek, and that Indiana Jones itself was based on serials from the era when “The Phantom” was popular as a comic.

  9. Oh! A new series? The 90’s are my favorite era. I really want to see The Phantom. Oh, and I busted a gut at “shot by Luigi Mario”. 😀

    What an interesting video. I haven’t heard of most of these movies. Also, I LOVE Some Like It Hot. I think you read too much into it though. LOL.

  10. After watching Elysium for the first time, I imagined how the big budget, over-hyped, films of this era will hold up to criticism from the hipsters of the future once we’re totally used to the technology that makes it easy for studios to make such beautifully bland turds.

    I think the “wow” factor of these meaningless spectacle movies is wearing off, and we’re starting to see the lack of creativity and recycling of tired tropes under the polish and spit shine of digital post-processing, and CG special effects.

    For Millenial hipsters delighting in watching a Gen-Xer like doug bash the stuff your parents grew up on… Hope you retain your ironic sense of humor.

  11. It’s easy to pick out goofy or the worst examples of movies from an era and parade them around as the definitive examples of all that era had to offer.

    You could pick out “Bio-Dome” as an example of garbage 90’s comedy, but you could also point to those “Epic” movie and “Another Teen Movies” as examples of how bad the 00’s were, or highlight “Movie 43” and all the big name actors they got to appear in such an insulting, childish, mess…and that came out in 2012.

    Regarding Henry is kind of an odd choice to hang your hat on for a good 90’s movie, but for overused devices…look no further then the current state of cinema. Will this action movie include the hero or his family member being kidnapped and held at gunpoint then saved at the last moment once, twice, or three times?

  12. 90’s it had such great music and many fun movies and series
    Dark Knight is crap the other that you showed except the Phantom are better

  13. What’s that say about me that I’ve seen every single one of these movies mentioned in both videos?

    By the way, my favorite comedy of all time is Some Like It Hot.

  14. I guess I get 20 points…

    The Child Catcher scared the pants off me as a little kid. My mom thought I would like it because I loved Mary Poppins, and I did, but that Child Catcher was nightmare fuel. It was years before I stopped fast forwarding his scenes.

  15. The Angry Engineer

    If you ever decide to do a review of Star Trek 5, there is a popular theory about “God” in this film. Many fans believe that it is not really “God” but an imprisoned Q who is trying to trick others to get him out. That is why “God Needs a Space Ship” otherwise there is no other way off the prison.

  16. There something wrong with the page… I deactivated every plugins on my browser, yet I see *NO* video ?

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