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Marvel’s smallest hero packs a big punch. Doug takes a look at Ant-Man.

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  1. I actually liked Ant Man a lot, too. It was definitely worthy of seeing in the theaters.

  2. You know who I just realized would be the perfect villain for the sequel? M.O.D.O.K! For those who don’t know, M.O.D.O.K is a man merged with a supercomputer causing him to look like a giant floating head in a chair and is the leader of the terrorist organization A.I.M. His super intelligence and goofy appearance make him a perfect fit for the weirder tone director Peyton Reed says he wants for the sequel.

  3. I liked this movie. As far as Marvel Universe overall, it’s probably sixth place for me. Now, what would I want for the sequel? We open: Scott Lang and Hope have tracked down Mitchell Carson. He’s figured out how to get people out of the Quantum Realm independently and roped in a hedonistic ex-SHIELD agent with no loyalties, Eric O’Grady (played by Charlie Day), to test something. (Implied to be “Does the Quantum Realm make sense while high?”) Scott and Hope capture Carson, handing him to the authorities. After they’re gone, however, O’Grady grows to normal. He’s pulled Janet out of the Quantum Realm. Seeing as everyone’s gone and it’s December 22, he asks “Want to head to my cousin’s place for Christmas?” And then we see the title: Ant-Man and the Wasp…’s Big Christmas.

  4. Why can’t they make a good fantastic four (although I did like the Chris Evans as Jonny storm)
    The best part of comic movie is that sequels are easier to do but the best still take skill to pull

    • Because Marvel doesn’t own the rights to FF movies. Fox owns FF and X-men. Sony owns Spiderman, but has mad a deal with Marvel for him to be included in the MCU.

      • Funny thing is that most X-Men movies are good and those were also made by Fox and so is X-Men Apocalypse but good Fantastic Four movie something that Fox is unable to make.

        • I have a theory about that. It starts with Bryan Singer actually loving and caring about the X-Men and the source material. He wants to do it justice and not some artsy thing. So, Fox tries to make FF like X-Men. The thing is, the FF have more in common with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Who than the X-Men. So…they fight to make a lighthearted but serious sometimes adventure.

          That’s what’s what GOTG was. The FF are a family of adventurers and I think a good movie is possible. It just needs a good writer. Maybe from someone who has written the FF in the past from one of the craziest arcs ever like Hckman.

          I was impressed by the Apocalypse trailer but I just wish we’d have a decent FF movie.

        • disembodiedvoiceofreason

          X3 and the first Wolverine movie were beyond complete shit. those mvoies would be what the shit I just could shit, if it could shit!

  5. I really liked this movie, I thought it was hilarious and the action is pretty cool too. Pretty much agree with everything you said. In the sequel, I’d like them to explore the other power Hank Pym developed: growing super-large. Also, did you know that originally (in the comics) it was Pym who built Ultron, not Stark?

  6. I really like Ant-Man. What helps is that they chose my favorite version of character Scott Lang. I never liked Hank Pym as Ant-Man. You know that Scott Lang want’s to do right thing and he cares about his daughter and he wants to prove himself. Besides in comic books he is one lucky man when he can travel between Carol Denver’s (former Miss Marvel and current Captain Marvel) breasts.

    • Eh, if they stick to the path where Scott Lang is always the lead character of these movies, they’re basically locking themselves out of ever doing an Ant-Man’s Big Christmas adaptation. What is Ant-Man’s Big Christmas? Basically, (especially if Eric O’Grady is chosen as the central character), it’s a mash up of that Dennis Leary movie The Ref and Home Alone, but with stuff only Ant-Man can do as the main thing being used for the slapstick.

  7. Doug . . . did you MISS the part where the villain is another “guy in a suit”?

    You’re slipping, man. You’re slipping.

  8. Once again, Critic’s taste lost me. Should have already lost me after the positive “First Avenger” review, but now it REALLY lost me.

  9. Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle!

  10. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Love that the Thomas the tank engiene gets bigger in the end and love how the characters are like this is just another weird coincidence. I actually think I did like this movie but you probably liked it more(oh well)!!

  11. i enjoy the film but i dont feel is a good .. i think it has a lot of wasted potential and half of the time i wasnt going through the emotions the film wanted me to feel

  12. I think Ant-Man is philosophically a good place for Marvel to go after Guardians of The Galaxy and Avengers Age of Ultron. The movies don’t necessarily have to get “bigger” to be as good, or possibly better.

  13. I get a kick out of how all the MCU movies are interconnected, and how they use the same actors for walk on roles. In this case, bringing in John Slattery as an older Howard Stark and Haley Atwell in age make up as Peggy Carter. It always bugged me about the Bond movies having different actors playing Felix Leiter almost every time (David Hedison played Felix twice, for different Bonds). I like this sense of unity that goes beyond setting up future movies. Also, props to the folks doing the CGI youth make up on Michael Douglas. Best work I’ve seen since transforming Chris Evans into scrawny 4F Steve Rogers.


    I mostly liked this movie, but one or two things bugged me…erm…no pun intended.
    #1 Wouldn’t shrunken items still be heavy? A tank on a key chain? Or heck, a person on an ant!
    #2 Wouldn’t he just crush himself if he tried to grow underground?
    #3 If he shrank small enough to move between molecules…when he got on the other side wouldn’t he be too small to do anything effective?
    But most important #4…why did they even bother with all the other sabotage if they were gonna destroy the whole building? Just in case they couldn’t manage the last part of the plan…?

    • The powers of the suit allow your shrunken body to retain the strength of your normal sized body. So that is why it’s like you have super strength.

      However you don’t retain the same mass/density.

      I’m pretty sure destroying the building was just their fallback when things didn’t work out. Their origional plan probably was just to sneak into the building and pull the heist undetected.

      • #1: The way they described it in the movie, TooMuchFreeTime is right, and you should retain all your mass.
        #2: I only remember the one scene of him doing that, and he wasn’t deep enough underground for it to be a problem.

        … haven’t seen it since it came out, not buying my copy until after Christmas (just in case), so I can’t answer #3 or #4.

    • Its made up science you just have to go with he rules established by the movie. As long as they are consistent it doesnt bother me

  15. I don’t like that Antman in the movie isn’t Hank Pim.

  16. So how is shrinking “done to death” with only Fantastic Voyage, Innerspace, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves as any major precedent? Yeah there are tv examples but even this was new by virtue of controlled shrinking/enlargement.

  17. I had to drag my mom to Ant-Man and she ended up loving it. I loved it too, especially since I never saw Honey, I Shrunk the Kids so it was all new to me.

  18. Disneycember drinking game: take a drink every time Doug says “million times”

  19. Haven’t seen Ant-Man, heard it was decent, but from the sounds of it Marvel half-assed their way through yet ANOTHER movie expecting to rake in the doe off of things everyone has seen a million times before and done better in each of those instances. That’s my biggest hang-up in seeing this. However X-Men Apocalypse and Dead Pool look stinking amazing.

  20. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    So the movie shit all over the actual lore it’s based on? No Pym particles, no Hank? Then again Ant Man was rewritten a ton in the comics so, I’ll go with it.

    • Hank and the Pym particles are in the movie. The way they play it is that Hank Pym discovered the Pym particles and invented the suit, and he and his wife Janet van Dyne were Ant-Man and the Wasp during the Cold War. He retired when Janet disappeared into the Microverse (also, apparently Pym particles mess with your mind and he was developing mental problems). Scott Lang breaks into Pym’s house and finds the suit, and Pym recruits him to steal the Yellowjacket suit from Darren Cross. So, it follows the comics relatively well.

  21. I actually went to watch this movie having zero expectations about it. I wasn’t too excited, really. I just wanted to see it because I love the Marvel movies, but I wasn’t too interested in Ant-Man. And considering how long it took to make this movie… well, I just didn’t expect too much of it.

    But the movie was so good. It was so funny and original. It’s amazing how they took a story that isn’t really NEW, and they made it look new and original and unique. I guess that it’s because the character’s actions feel more natural, instead of being all “well, this is supposed to be dramatic, so you’re supposed to act this way in this situation”. The dynamics between the characters are interesting and feel fresh, natural. It had a good mix of action, drama and humor. It didn’t take itself TOO seriously, it made fun of itself considering its premise and its main superhero, but they achieve balance where you can laugh at the situations and still take the characters seriously, still feel invested in them. It felt really refreshing and how I’d like more superhero movies to be.

    I actually left the cinema way happier with this movie than with Age of Ultron (which I liked, but I just felt the whole time that “it just wasn’t as good as the first one”). Maybe it’s because I didn’t expect anything and I got a good movie– not just an okay movie, but a good movie! While I had a lot of expectations for Age of Ultron and it’s difficult for any movie to fulfill all those expectations. But all in all, Ant-Man was a pleasant surprise for me. I enjoyed it a lot.

  22. GreenGoblinsOckVenom86

    I liked this a lot too. Also when I first watched it I thought the actress playing Pym’s daughter was Elizabeth Banks (the woman that played Betty Brant in the Raimi Spider-Man movies). Also one complaint I had with it is the Mexican guy from Tower Heist mainly because he’s really playing the exact same character in this.

  23. I disliked it for being so formulaic, and making the most boring character the main one. Tell me you didn’t predict the entire plot after the first ten minutes.

  24. It was a cool movie.

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