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Why does everyone want to destroy this movie? Well with dumb lines, tacky dances, and Matthew Broderick, this one comes pretty close. The Nostalgia Critic reviews A Christmas Story Live!

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  1. Why can’t people stop messing up classics unless they’re classics I don’t like? I’ve only seen Grease Live and I never finished it because they bulked up the plot so much. Still probably better than this one though. Yeah, that kid was creeping me out. I’ve never seen A Christmas Story. All I know is that the glasses kid licks a bar with a dare and a Mall Santa kicks the glasses kid in the face.

  2. Never saw the live musical never will

  3. Where does he get those suits? I like that he changes it up for Halloween and now Christmas reviews.

  4. FOX live shows ruin everything. I though their version of RHPS was bad, but man this one was so bad. I have loved the actual movie since i discovered it in 1989. It even got me interested in the books Jean Shepherd wrote.

    Note to Doug – even though Jean was an author, he also did alot of radio where he talked about his stories, so he does have radio voice experience, which I’d think transfers well to narration.

  5. Phew. For the past month, every review has had some totally random out of context and uncomfortable rant about safe spaces or SJWs or whatever, but this review managed to avoid that, even when there were a couple of instances where it might have been on topic! Maybe it’s finally out of the system.

    I mean, the review was kind of boring, but that’s almost certainly due to me not having any knowledge of the source material, so I can’t really complain. But now I’m really curious as to what’s happening off camera. Also, whatever happened to the fictional person just off screen? They had so much character development!

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