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This week The Horror Guru review’s A DARK SONG!

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  1. For the note as they didn’t really explain that:

    Kabbalah is traditional Jewish mysticism focused on research of the nature of the God. Despite what common misconceptions say it isn’t in any way related to magic. It doesn’t contain any rituals or anything related directly to magic. It is about details like how heaven is organized. For example seven angels surrounding God’s throne called Ophanim (aka Thrones called by Christians incorrectly Seraphs) ARE God’s avatars representing different aspects of him (this corespondent to seven archangels ruling different parts of heaven in they name as they lack own personality). So basically God in Kabbalah is a council as no one outside Ophanim and they leader king of angels Metatron can’t talk with God directly. That is why when world was created God speak in plural, or why Archangel of Justice Samael (aka Satan) question motives of Archangel of Wisdom Raziel the Morning Star (Christ.. yup.. Revelation 22:16) refusing acknowledge that he is in fact a Ophanim. Fun part is that Kabbalah in fact foreshadow concept of trinity as three from ten heavens are under direct gods control. Though they have representatives in this same time who also are God’s avatar what include Matatron and Raziel.. third one is point of debate though I personally support idea that it is Sandalphon as he rule over “Chayot Ha Kodesh” (elemental angels keep in underworld closely associated to material domain) what are also commonly associated with domain of Metatron and Raziel, what shouldn’t be surprise as they are mot likely same dude in different roles.

    Anyway. Point is that he is pissed because Kabbalah has literally nothing to wo with what they doing.

  2. I look at this movie as fine.
    It is, to me, a lesser version of “Jacob’s Ladder”.

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