A Goofy Movie – Nostalgia Critic

90s kids love it, but why? Is it simply nostalgia, or is there really more to it? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at A Goofy Movie.

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  1. As a kid I had the graphic novel, I loved it.

  2. I thought you were NEVER going to review this…

    (from his Top 11 Movies I’ll Never Review video)

    • He’s done a few of them lately.

      If I remember some of his “I”ll never review” was because he had a rule about only doing films that were old enough or not doing one from series he just didn’t like or know.

      • Yes, and he abandon that rule long time ago. Plus we have movies he simply couldn’t review because of lack of understanding or conclusive opinion before (and that is the case here).

    • His point with most of the Never Review list was that the movies just weren’t bad enough to mock, or he didn’t know the source material well enough to be fair.

      With this and Cats Don’t Dance, he’s not doing a Critic teardown, but looking at instead to see why its so beloved. Different things.

      Also he did the “never” list almost 7 years ago, mostly to stop people constantly asking for the same things. He’s allowed to change him mind. Linkara did for his never list too… though mostly just as specials for the 100th and 200th episode.

    • I think we call that list his todo list now adays

  3. Face it, Powerline made the movie, 20 years after the fact. :p

  4. This movie is STILL not available on Blu-Ray, or in any HD format, and that makes me sad.

  5. Keep doing commercials like that and I’m gonna have to buy some! Gotta get some of dat butt! I was seriously dying in my chair laughing so hard! I think the commercial is the best part of this one!

    hyena are Feliformia (cats) and not Caniformia (dogs).

    Best regards Douchy Mc Douchberg

  7. I remember seeing this movie in theaters in a friend’s birthday party, and I had a fun time seeing it, even when I later got the movie on VHS. I still hold it dear to my heart to this very day.

    Shame on you, Doug, for making that Suicide Squad joke. Get in the corner.

  8. As someone from Florida, thank you Doug.

  9. Great now I need to grab my VHS copy and hook up my VCR, thanks Doug

  10. Ay! This movie is childhood and this review is so retro. I love it. I never realized that Pauly Shore was in this. Lastly, I may check out Mott & Bow.

  11. Well, we got a Ducktales reference. Not the one I was expecting, but one nonetheless. 😉

  12. Skip to -7:36 to avoid having to look at Doug’s butt. X(

  13. Of the Disney Trio, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, Goofy is the only one we know for a fact has had sex. He also changes his name every few years to avoid paying taxes.

  14. Oh god I blocked out the scene of the corpse dancing on the herse

  15. I love this movie~

  16. I think it’s worth noting that Goofy isn’t married, which implies one of two things… either his relationship with the mother broke apart and Goofy was granted custody, or Goofy is a male widow who lost his wife many years prior. Dark either way you look at it.

    • It’s the latter, I believe. In an episode of Goof Troop, Goofy describes Max’s mother as “being among the stars”, or something similar. But, yeah, it’s pretty sad and likely so dark that the shows’ writers chose not to probe too deeply into it.

      Also, when watching Goof Troop, did anyone else think that Peg should have been Goofy’s wife instead of Pete’s? The two of them had better chemistry.

  17. I have to say, there were points in the movie looking back now, there was almost room for a shared universe idea. Particularly the casual tone Max uses when he thinks Donald Duck is going fishing with his dad. I am sure the creators of the Ducktales 2017 reboot must have seen this movie too or thought about it when they had a girl that strangely looks like a grown up Roxanne in the same waiting room as Donald.

    • I hope that is the case. Also speaking of weird trivia. Disney is a character in Disney reality so that isn’t breaking forth wall. He is known there as Yen Sid.. seriously read that from opposite side.

    • Well, the Ducktales 2017 reboot mentioned Spoonerville (the town where the TV series Goof Troop takes place in), as well as Cape Suzette (the city from TaleSpin) and Saint Canard (the city from Darkwing Duck). So I guess that means there’s a shared universe.

  18. Goofy drives an AMC Pacer. That almost makes too much sense.

    • I always thought it was a bit odd that they gave him a “real” car rather than some generic “toon car”. But I suspect it was so they’d have something to use as reference for the many, many times it’s on screen (especially the interior). There’s a lot of attention to detail in this movie like that.

  19. Last December I did my own “Disney-Cember” thing on my blog. “A Goofy Movie” was one I labeled as a neglected comedy classic.

  20. I remember seeing this movie in daycare, but the only scene that stood out in my memory was the opening. It actually creeped little me out. Also, WHY IS EVERYONE SO MEAN TO OSWALD?! The only thing he appeared in recently was a Mickey Mouse cartoon, and even then it was a throw away gag. Literally, Mickey threw him in the trash.

  21. I can’t explain how others see this movie but it’s pretty special to me. Goofy was my dad’s favorite cartoon character and he took me to a really to a really fancy movie theater about fifty miles away from our hometown to see it. Growing up, I realized how much Max’s relationship with Goofy mirrors the one I had with my dad. My dad passed away in February of this year and I miss more than I was thought I would. I didn’t have the best relationship with him but this movie helps me remember all the great times we had that I never appreciated at the time. That’s why this movie means so much to me personally.

  22. I still have no idea what Max “sings” when the background singers come in. Nor am I sure what he rap is. (around -15:25)

  23. Tevin Campbell, an RnB artist from the 90s, was Powerline. Go to YouTube and look up “Can We Talk”. That was the jam back in ’94, when I was in Jr High.

  24. Doug, your commercials are awesome and hilarious.

    I am still not buying jeans from Whatever Brand That Was That I Have Promptly Forgotten.

  25. I’d love to watch the video but it keeps stopping

  26. I’ve traditionally had a strong dislike for anything Goofy-related (I find the whole humanish-faced dog person design really ugly and hard to deal with compared to everything else Disney has ever done- it reminds me of Rock and Rule), but the inclusion of a random singing zombie just may have won me over.

  27. This adds to the right of this review are terrible. The Acura commercial continuously played audio on top of your video. I couldnt get through 2 minutes of your vid after hearing the Acura commercial some seven times. I hope these adds are not a trend or I exped most will just watch bootlegged review vids on Youtube.

  28. Now we wait for the extremely goofy movie review

  29. Really happy about the positive review! And all the playful jabs at it don’t even bother me, because they’re all pretty true. I love this movie, and always will. I grew up with it, and to this day, I can watch it anytime and feel happy with it. It’s just that special.

  30. Really glad you’re doing these simple reviews as Editorials. I’m enjoying them a lot more c:

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