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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. It’s been reviewed so much that I thought Cinema Snob already reviewed it before this.

    Do you need to cook cheese puffs? I thought you just eat them out of the bag.

    • I think she means make them.

    • They are probably talking about a cheese filled version of eclairs. However, you’d never just bake them then serve them hot as the point is you fill them with cheese sauce after they cool and then serve them. So dropping them fresh out of the oven is not going to ruin them at all as that way they aren’t even finished yet and need to completely cool before you can even consider finishing them.

      If they are a variation of cream puffs, also related to eclairs, same batter, you still don’t serve them hot but cut them open and fill them with something before serving, again cold.

      Either way the conflict about dropping them is still stupid as they are still inside their pan and therefore still perfectly fine!

  2. And here I thought you were gonna review something for the release of Suicide Squad. Well, aren’t I a dumbass. But seriously, I’m seeing Suicide Squad instead of Nine Lives, because 1. I’m a DC nut, and 2. I find that film more interesting to see than one about Lex Luthor from Superman Returns turning into a fuckin’ cat. AND I’m ignoring the RottenTomatoes rating of SS.

    1:03- Oh, dammit, it’s from the same assholes who gave us that horrible Puss in Boots movie you, Phelan, and Allison reviewed last year.

    Poor Eric Roberts. He went from playing Boss Maroni in The Dark Knight to being involved in this cheap crap.

    3:09- Lots of people. THAT’S who. Hell, I even filmed some short films in my house when I was in college.

    4:14- And NOW we know why you have your Elm Street 2 poster in this episode.

    At least this movie doesn’t seem as padded and stiff as “The Time Machine (I Found At a Yard Sale),” and this POS is also better acted.

    The shot of the choppy water makes it look like my computer is fucking up on the video quality.

    12:15- Dude, just tell her that you’re gay. In this day and age, she’ll understand.


    Looking forward to the upcoming episode of Lloyd. Also, is this movie better or worse than the remake of That Darn Cat?

  3. Why is Cri Cri playing in the background?

  4. Water…water…water… XD LOL! You’re so cute, Citrus Snort!

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