Adventure Time Vlogs: Dentist

After this, getting my teeth cleaned doesn’t sound that bad.

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  1. Beware the fly spy.

  2. Go forth, you heroic ants!

  3. This was a nice, back-to-basics adventure episode, much like “Little Brother” in that it explored the hidden world beneath a seemingly mundane location. I may be looking too close into this, but there might be something more to those worms they were fighting. I recently rewatched “Death in Bloom” and there were worms very similar to these burrowing through the underworld.

  4. Do they ever explain what Tiffany is? I wonder if he’s dead? This was a fun episode. Nice to have just a weird and strange episode once in a while.

  5. I finally made an account just to say this: Lucy Lawless has long since lost her accent.

    I’m a New Zealander and I thought that was a bad attempt at an Australian accent. The rising stop was there but she wasn’t skipping the middle of words and pronouncing her vowels as ‘U’ like a true kuwi sheiluh.

  6. Oh my god. The great Adventure Time Fonz V-log dispute of 2015. I wish that would’ve gone on longer.

  7. It was unexpected

  8. “Finn, this is literally serious. You have to go dentist.”

    Dentist is yet another example of how creatively bizarre Adventure Time can be. Aside from this episode, Finn hasn’t really been given many opportunities to use his new sword.

  9. I thought this episode was creative, but it lacked either fun or a sense of seriousness. It wasn’t very funny, it wasn’t important to the plot, and it wasn’t interesting enough to make up for lacking those things.

  10. I think Doug is wrong too, Jason. It’s okay.

  11. Personally, I would REEEEEEEEEALLY not mind, if Tiffany was finally gone…
    Ever since the first time, that character was pretty much nothing more than a 12years old-troll character. More annoying than anything for that character.

  12. Good going, guys. You weren’t supposed to talk about this. Now they know, and we’re doomed.

  13. Yeah this episode was pretty amazingly bizarre, is it just me or is adventure time getting weird again? Like I kind of got used to its weirdness but then episodes like this somehow still manage to surprise and baffle me.

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