Adventure Time Vlogs: Episode 179 – The Pajama War

Forgot we had this, but never put it up. Adventure Time Vlogs are back starting today!

A nice pajama sleep over turns into a real nightmare. Doug, Jason, and Jori take a look at the madness.

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  1. Ah, I see Adventure Time has come back. I want to know the truth. It doesn’t mean that I have to act on what I know. LOL.

  2. Acetylsalicilique


  3. Yay, Adventure Time blogs are back! I’ve been keeping up with the show, and certain episodes make me wonder what you guys think. I feel like the stuff with Finn and PB here is just them getting back to being friends. Finn was really hurt by PB’s rejection, and it was awkward for a while… But now they’re kind of getting back to normal.

  4. This was one of my favorite episodes from season 6, precisely because it threw the brakes on things and just let the characters cut loose with some comedy and laid back charm. Finn and PB’s relationship was pretty strained through most of season 5, so this episode following up with them starting to mend fences with one another from “Lemonhope” and “The Tower” was great to see. A lot of season 6 before and after this episode deals with some pretty dour subject matter, which makes breather episodes like this all the more welcome. Great laughs from the Candy People (Jason is right, the slow snowballing of their stupidity is what made the joke work), and some genuinely great dialog between Finn and PB.

  5. This was fun
    It shows that when Finn gets old enough PB can get with him cause she is interested

  6. littlewillie610

    I wasn’t sure if these were ever coming back, but they should tide me over until new Steven Universe episodes are released. Pajama Wars worked well as a followup to Bubblegum’s character development from The Cooler. It was nice to see an episode where she and Finn just hang out and interact like normal people. I was initially worried that they might set her back to being a love interest for Finn again, but it doesn’t seem like they’ve gone that route.

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