Adventure Time Vlogs: Episode 180 – Evergreen

Doug and Jason are back to look at a history thousands of years in the past. Hey, it’s better than the Good Dinosaur.

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  1. do a nostalgia critic on dinosaurs ! Pleases !!!!!! x3

  2. Critic, there is no flop. Crown grant wishes, Gunther wish was to be like Evergreen, so crown turned into EVergreen. Same with Simon, crown continues the wish, by turning the one who wears it, into a being close to Evergreen, but the design and characters goes off and off of original.

  3. The crown was created to grant a single wish to whoever wears it, and that exact same wish to anyone else who wears it from then on.

    Evergreen wanted to use the crown to wish to save the world. If that had happened then from that point on the crown would allow whoever wore it to save the world.

    However the wish came from the wearers deepest desire. And all Gunther ever wished was to be like his master Urgence Evergreen. So when he put on the crown Gunther became like his master, or rather what he saw his master as. A powerful wizard who always told off Gunther.

    From that point onward whosoever shall put on the crown shall be granted that exact same wish, to be like Urgence Evergreen as Gunther saw Urgence Evergreen.

  4. I’m fairly sure the mushroom war was the cold war had it escalated to nuclear war.

  5. TheGreatDeadpoolio

    I just can’t help but cackle in excitement for when they finally catch up with everything.

  6. Woah! Episode 180?!

  7. Even so long since I watched this episode it still gets me fascinated in the lore and history, definitely impressive.

  8. “It was like last week”
    *Deep breath*

  9. YourFavoriteCustomer

    “That’s what you get.” -Bongo Frog

  10. I really love the reveal of how the crown was created. So many artifacts of power in fantasy are created by goddesses or a thousand demon souls or whatever, such as Adventure Time’s own Demon Blood sword. The crown ultimately came about from a single act of child neglect. Such things are all too common in real life, and can just as easily create real monsters. As an added bonus, it ties into one of the season’s main themes: paternal relations. Adventure Time seems to favor a kind of thematic storytelling, where an arc will be built up throughout the season by means of seemingly unrelated episodes that nonetheless share a common theme. Season 6 kicked off with a look at Finn’s relationship with his father, and since then we’ve seen Jake as a father, Finn and Jake’s own father, and we’ll see more down the line yet.

  11. This episode told quite some about The Crown
    Was quite great
    This Wizard is such an ass

  12. littlewillie610

    The whole episode has to be one of the show’s biggest lore bombs. It was nice to finally see to origin of the crown and the significance of the name “Gunter”. It also kicks off the comet story arc, which has more episodes related to it in one season than any previous plot line. The further potential insight into the origin of The Litch was also interesting

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