Adventure Time Vlogs: Episode 181 – Astral Plane

Finn has an out of body experience and sees a lot, including a future destruction of his world. Doug and Jason look beyond the beyond.

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  1. Everything in this episode is literally “ask me what it mean, ask me what it means” and I found it to be a pretentious load of crap.

    • In what way was that the episode?? Did you watch the Vlog, because Doug and Jason get it pretty right. It was all about Finn questioning aspects of life such as loneliness and the inevitability of death. He saw birth as the high point and death as the the lowest point, with everything else just being sadness.
      Glob reminds him that being created, or just creating something is not the only, or even the most important part of life, and what comes after does in fact matter. Finn asks “Yeah, but what’s it worth if we all get blowed up right now?” And Glob sacrifices himself to save the Martians. That’s what it’s worth. Every action leaves an impact on something. That’s why Finn decides to go help Bounce House Princess at the end. So that when he dies, he can’t say that he had no purpose existing.

      “pretentious”, indeed…

      • Except you forgot the part where everything sucks monkey butts and the writing comes off as a writer wanting to stroke their ego rather genuinely entertain, so I stick to my pretentious pile of crap statement.

        • Except that part doesn’t exist and you’re just trying to be negative without actually pointing out things in the episode that were egotistical or sucky in any way.
          If anything came across that way to you, I guess you were just feeling too pessimistic to get the message. Otherwise, I fail to understand your opinion. Then again, I kinda stopped caring

    • Maybe Season 7 is more to your liking Ant. Like I know Season 6 won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I honestly never found it that hard to understand? I’m pretty sure most people deal with depression at least once in their lives.

  2. Jason got really philosophical in this video. O.O To me, happiness is serving God and being happy (in that order).

  3. Jason once again proves to be a real asset in these Adventure Time vlogs. I’ve seen analyses of these episodes that bring in a truly head-crushing amount of knowledge on mysticism and occult knowledge. Apparently Finn’s astral journey matches up with a certain concept of a spiritual journey in one field of mysticism. Jesse Moynihan seems to be fond of that kind of thing, and it won’t be the last of his episodes this season that delves into that realm. It’s a good thing in that it’s pushing the boundaries of what a cartoon can achieve, but needing to know college level mythology just to fully understand the episode seems a bit much. I enjoyed the episode quite a bit, but I’ve seen it cited as one of the more divisive ones of season 6 just for how philosophical it gets.

  4. This episodes tells what is Finn actually able to do or will be able to do in the future
    Glob is there god

  5. littlewillie610

    Whenever an episode deals this heavily with existential themes, you can pretty much always expect it to be from Jesse Moynihan. Like them or not, they do present a lot of thought provoking ideas, and I’ll miss them after season 7 since he left the show. Of all the things I expected to see when I first started watching Adventure Time, a depressed main character contemplating the futility of existence was not one of them.

    Although I have mostly enjoyed the Steven Universe Vlogs, I think they would have benefited from having a Jason. In other words, someone who is already familiar with the show and therefore able to explain some things that Doug and Rob have overlooked, as well as remind them of plot elements that they have forgotten.

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