Adventure Time Vlogs: Episode 182 – Gold Stars

An evil force is back, and it’s…kind of adorable. Jason and Doug look at how long the darkness can be contained.

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  1. Or there’s a third option when a kid is bullied: You’re just a little off in the mind. I’m pretty sure that’s the path I took. Anyways, Jason has a way of taking an Adventure Time episode and giving us a philosophy class for 10 minutes. LOL.

  2. I’ve loved Ron Perlman as a voice actor since the first time I heard him as Slade in Teen Titans, and he really delivers here. The Lich has been a bit more monologue-y this season, but both the Fall speech and the Gold Star speech are wonderfully chilling every time I hear them. Good discussion from Jason on the effects of misleading impressionable minds. Fortunately (for now), Sweet P seems content to not unleash his nightmarish alter ego on the schoolyard bullies, so maybe Tree Trucks and Mr. Pig aren’t as bad of parents as they let on.

    I’ve always thought of the King of Ooo as a New Age shyster since his first appearance. Kim Kihn Wan actually has a tiny statue of the King of Ooo in his house, so presumably he at least leads some kind of organization devoted to himself. PB hates him precisely because his solution to everything is smooth-sounding nonsense instead of rationality.

  3. Father ?!
    Wow… Never thought of the ‘King of Ooo’ as a ”potential father of PB”. Not in, like, a million year would I have thought that ?

    He always was and looked, from the very second he was introduced, like a con-artist in every conceivable way.

  4. ITs quite fun
    King of Ooo is such a loser

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