Adventure Time Vlogs: Episode 183 – The Visitor

Finn’s dad returns, and he seems to be ruling a small army of…snowmen? Doug and Jason take a look The Visitor.

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  1. I like Final Fantasy but I’ve only beaten the two main Kingdom Hearts games which technically don’t count. Off topic, I know. I didn’t know that Jason was adopted. Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of family. I prefer friends, to be honest. Also, another episode of Jason’s Happy Philosophy Time featuring Doug. ^.^

  2. This one looked like a sperm. The next one ends up looking like an egg undergoing division (morula/blastocyst).

  3. You know, I didn’t notice the sperm thing the first time I watched this episode, but I totally caught it this time… and that was totally intentional. Because, you know, it’s a theory that life came to earth on a comet from space. A lot of cultures’ mythology have that motif, too. Like, in one version of Aphrodite’s birth story, she’s born when Zeus castrates Cronus. Cronus’ nards fall into the sea, and Aphrodite is born. Then there’s a Hindu myth where one of the gods (was it Vishnu?) is flying with his wife over the sea on the back of an ox… He becomes aroused and ejaculates into the sea, and it becomes a Rakshasa. Really interests me how ancient myths sometimes reflect realities the people then couldn’t have possibly known about… Anyway, the fact that Finn’s baby-self is in the dream also points to the fact that it’s about conception and birth. There’s a lot of subtext here about the cycle of death and rebirth, how the destruction of one cycle is the beginning of a new one. But a later episode will get more into that.

    Also important that what Finn believed to be a comet was actually his father in a spaceship. Because it’s like, his father is where he came from, but the real origin of his life, and everyone else’s, is much further back. Interesting, though, that this is where we get Finn’s origin story (maybe) (speaking of which, kinda off topic, but was the tiger a reference to Life of Pi?)… but only his origin as Finn; we already know that he’s lived before, in previous incarnations

    ^The GreenMan:
    “This one looked like a sperm. The next one ends up looking like an egg undergoing division (morula/blastocyst).”

    Huh. Then that’s also really important, considering how this season talks a lot about how all life came from a single source, both physically and spiritually. Ugh, that doesn’t really become explicit until the last episode of the season, but i want to talk about it nooooow! But yeah, this season’s philosophical af.

    • Or was it a meteorite or asteroid that life supposedly came from? Eh, it doesn’t matter, for the purposes of the story.

    • Wrote this before I finished watching the review, and I have one more thing to say: not only did the comet look like a sperm, it went straight into a caldera in the ocean, i.e. a giant vagina metaphor.

  4. I love Disney, but we do need more movies/shows with step-family members. I work at a daycare and I once had to explain to two five year olds that step-parents and step-siblings are not inherently evil.

  5. Upon first watching this episode, I was slightly disappointed that Finn’s long-awaited confrontation with his father was resolved so quickly. I was at least hoping for some more pain to befall Martin before he left. After a little consideration, I found that the anticlimax was part of the intended reaction. Finn was expecting meeting his father again to be something decisive. Instead he’s greeted with more stories that may or may not even be true, more questions, and more disappointment. He tries to connect with Martin, but he eventually realizes that it’s just not going to happen. When given the choice between staying with his father and being a hero, Finn willingly ejects Martin from his life so he can rescue the snowman people. It’s a more nuanced way of handling the reunion than it being a battle or a shouting match.

  6. littlewillie610

    Finn’s relationship with his father, along with the comet, are clearly the most prominent storylines in season 6. I kind of like how there is currently no way of knowing how much, if any, of Martin’s explanation of Finn’s origin is true. It could provide some insight into why he was so scared of the ocean.

  7. Finns dad is an ass that is why he had a better dad raise him

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