Adventure Time Vlogs: Episode 184 – The Mountain

The journey of Lemongrab continues as he journeys within himself, both literally and…literally. Doug and Jason discuss The Mountain.

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  1. Yay! Doug made a good pun! ^.^ Also, I love seeing Doug confused.

  2. I like your analysis on the three choices. What really interested me here was the use of food, especially since Lemongrab says, “This is me.” Because our bodies are literally made of what we eat. Food comes from different sources, used to be part of another living being (like how the Lemonjohns used to be Lemonjohn), but those disparate things come together to make a new whole. So, it’s kind of like how Matthew is one being made of a lot of different souls. However… eating is related to life. It gives corporeal existence… and if you have a body, you have boundaries. Like, there’s a separation between self and other and environment; to have a body is to have an ego. So that’s why throwing the Lemonjohns into Matthew’s mouth defeated him and split him up? That was the impression I got.

    Also, Lemongrab’s current earldom looked like Communism to me. There, you have this system where everyone is working toward the common goal of sustaining the community, rather than the self. So there’s a kind of collectivism there, a focus on the whole group, rather than the different individuals comprising it.

    I think it’s interesting that Finn and Lemongrab don’t choose to become part of Matthew. Usually, ego death and becoming part of the whole are seen as good things, but here… it’s just one choice. That comes up later in this season, too… And I’m noticing that the 7th season continues to delve into issues of selfhood. Beyond the Grotto, especially, seems to get into this idea of your “essence.” I kind of wonder where they’re going with it.

  3. Acetylsalicilique

    Doug is gonna be so freaked out by Dark Purple, can’t wait =D

  4. I had a slightly different read on the Mountain’s choices. I read them as, in order, the greatest regret, the greatest fear, and the inner guiding voice telling them how to move past that. Here we see Lemongrab regretting the way he treated his kingdom and his relationship with PB. He fears that the Princess and his citizens all love Lemonhope more than him, and that he will be cast aside in favor of the more stable lemon. His inner guide, the one anchor he can latch onto that does not stem from anyone else, is his love for his subjects. However warped it might have been in his madness, he did care for the lemon children he created, even as events spiraled out of control. As for Finn, his greatest regret is how his relationship with Flame Princess ended. His fear, though put in a more jokey manner, is losing out on interactions with his friends. Finally, his inner guide is the butterfly, his spirit animal that shows him the way to reach Lemongrab and help him escape the Mountain.

    This is another Jesse Moynihan episode that requires a lot of thought to understand. I read a Q&A with him that stated this episode was about why people are unable to find happiness. That certainly ties into the doors representing fears and regrets, though they work well with being stuck in the past or theoretical future as well. Can’t blame Doug for getting confused by this one, sometimes I feel like I need a group of people to bounce ideas off of when it comes to understanding a Moynihan episode.

  5. littlewillie610

    I haven’t watched this episode since it aired, so I don’t really have a good grasp on what exactly it was trying to say. Although it was mostly focused on Lemongrab’s existential crisis, I did like how it made time to show that Finn is still going through a certain degree of stress and uncertainty as well. Nice explanation of the significance of Lemongrab sealing the crack being that it indicates a whole in someone’s life being filled.

  6. IT was a strange one
    And questions what is the relationship Cinemon and Flame P. have cause it did not see like a relationship is love but Finn seems to think that or just shown that he really wants to be with her still

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