Adventure Time Vlogs: Episode 185 – Dark Purple

The return of an old friend, but is this a clever adventure or a rip off of Futurama? Doug and Jason figure it out, Dark Purple.

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  1. I never thought about this episode that way before, but I definitely agree with Jason’s interpretation. Susan Strong being a health nut adds more realism to her character and keeps her from becoming a generic hero, in some respects. XD

    Obviously any company that assumes a baby should be kidnapped and raised to become its mascot is messed up and the only way to keep them from kidnapping the baby in the future would either be to stay on high alert or to stop the threat at the source. Regardless, Susan’s seemingly random disapproval and distrust of Porp from the very beginning would make sense from a health conscious perspective, especially given her insistence that she doesn’t need it to be strong. Her perhaps misguided attempt to dissuade others gives her a less idealized, but certainly more human personality. And as a hero, she may be trying to present herself as a moral, upstanding person, so it would be logical that her personal prejudices would leak into her attempts to help the people who turn to her for guidance or assistance in other situations.

  2. “Maybe we’ll get bonus red porp when that baby gets processed.”


    Not to mention a history of “weird ancient traditions” of kidnapping babies and transforming them into new Cheryls. That’s what is suggested. Furthermore, it becomes obvious pure porp has addictive qualities, the workers were desperate to drink the pure porp, and notice that after they did, they fused together into a horrible monstrosity, suggesting it has mutational qualities. I am guessing all the workers are either former citizens of Ooo who tasted pure porp and mutated into these worker slaves, or they are all former Cheryls who destabilised like the current one did.

  3. The Super Porp seems to be super addictive and it is implied that if one drinks enough they will mutate into the purple things we see working at the factory. Obviously that also applies to the baby being turned into a new Cheryl. Also the workers seem to only work for Porp so that’s slavery.

    So the things wrong with Porp are that it causes mutations, the company uses slavery and that also makes it bad that it’s addictive. So I think Susan was justified in destroying it. Just saying 😉

  4. …Maybe Porp is the purple stuff in the Sunny D commercials.

  5. My favorite color is purple. I also love Mountain Dew. In fact, I’m drinking it right now. I eat healthy except for Mountain Dew. I’ll eat a salad… with Mountain Dew. I have vegetables… with Mountain Dew. I also drink water though. ^.^ Although, smoking is a little different since it links to cancer in a more direct sense. Plus, some people have what I would like to call addictive personalities where some people are more likely to be addicted to things. Oh, and when I was a kid, I actually DID eat McDonalds three times a day. I stopped when I was 11 though.

  6. Interesting read on Susan as a health nut. I don’t necessarily see the need for her to be one to mistrust Porp, though. Her first episode showed that she was terrified of anything, and even if she’s grown beyond that, not necessarily trusting a drink that’s remotely refilled every month without explanation isn’t that unreasonable.

    I saw the Porp factory as a metaphor for a ritual or tradition that’s existed long past anyone understanding its meaning. The Porp factory doesn’t seem to charge any money for the drink, and there doesn’t seem to be any ill effect to it. The Porp workers don’t even get to enjoy the true Porp for their labor. It’s a self-sustaining cycle that has outlasted its purpose, to the point where even its adherents don’t understand its original intent. It’s all perfectly fine, until maintaining the cycle starts to harm the innocent. That’s the point where Susan and her Hyooman squad has to step in. Incidentally, I also agree with Jason that this isn’t really a ripoff of Futurama. The setup has some surface similarities, but the themes are completely different.

  7. Huh… I thought it was all very clear ?

    Those in the factory were mutated humans/employes, and the purple-drink company was a cult centered around the drink because it’s what allowed them all to survive. The ”mascot” becoming essentially the ”Great Priestess”/Leader of said cult.

  8. littlewillie610

    I wasn’t sure if we’d ever see Susan Strong again after Rebecca Sugar left the show, so this was a nice surprise. The potential confirmation of her being a human with cybernetic implants was an interesting tidbit. Her biggest justification for putting an end to the operation would probably be that more infants could be kidnapped otherwise. Opening with the possibility of a Finn, Jake, and Marceline adventure was a great bit of trolling from the writers.

  9. Pointless episode but fine

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