Adventure Time Vlogs: Episode 186 – The Diary

Jake’s son finds a diary, and he’s destined to find the owner. The search is on as Doug and Jason take a look at, The Diary.

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  1. I don’t think this was about tv getting stuck in a fantasy . I think he was just having excessive empathy for someone he may feel is in a similar position . Mostly I think that because of the bit in the dairy about wanting to grow up and being a complete person but not knowing how to get there. That’s why he searched so hard to find out what ultimately happened to the girl and why he didn’t care what justin was up to. It wasn’t a fantasy or mystery he was invested in, I think he thought he might get a clue as to how to move forward .

  2. Now I want to be Wolfy McFoxFox. ;D LOL. Seriously though, that made me laugh.

  3. Reading someone’s diary is about as close as you can get to being in someone else’s head, I think. It’s like you’re reading their stream of consciousness, almost, there’s no filter.

    Reading someone else’s words, or just listening to them, it’s interesting how, through symbols or sounds, the ideas in their mind are reproduced in your own. It’s like their mind in your mind, almost, and it kind of breaks down the barrier between self and other. …Eh, not sure how much of that was in the episode, but that’s what hearing you guys talk about it reminded me of.

  4. I really enjoyed this episode as well. The journey through BP’s darkest thoughts and deepest teenage fears helped set up the final reveal of who she was. It’s strangely reassuring to me to see that, behind every seemingly well put together adult (Nurse Poundcake seems to be one of the more reliable of the Candy citizens), there was a scared, confused, vulnerable adolescent. This episode featured a guest storyboarder, and a lot of her other work deals with similar themes. As for TV, it was also heartening to see him display so much empathy for someone he doesn’t even know, given the stereotype of the basement dwelling loser as a socially maladjusted oaf with no compassion for anyone else.

  5. littlewillie610

    It’s nice that Jake’s kids weren’t forgotten after they grew up. So far, almost all of them have been the centric character in an episode. For me, the two highlights of this episode were the animation when TV first began to read the diary, and the surprisingly poignant coming of age monologue.

  6. Was a surprisingly good episode

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