Adventure Time Vlogs: Episode 187 – Walnuts and Rain

Finn and Jake come across two very strange creatures, and both seem to be very fond of entrapment. Doug and Jason take a look.

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  1. That hat made me think Doug looked a little like Ash Ketchum.

  2. I thought that that first hat was a Ash Ketchum hat. Oh, I see Davanthall had the same thought. Also, Jason! You MUST see the Happening.


  4. …Now you’re making me think about meanings…
    Maybe how the greed of the ignorant and lazy prolongs to suffering of other people (even though they’ve never met?)…?
    … Anyway go and watch The Happening!

  5. I’ve heard some people say this episode felt like a lost episode of Over the Garden Wall, which is especially appropriate since Chris Isaak was in that as well. I liked his singing in that, though admittedly I haven’t looked up any more of his stuff.

    This was a comparatively rare Finn and Jake adventure episode for season 6, which has spent a lot of time focusing on and fleshing out side characters. It seemed like the common theme you latched on to was one of waiting: King Huge filled his time waiting for the next distraction, be it the cuckoo clock or food. Bill was convinced his problem would be solved just by waiting, and made not effort to help himself. Both were locked into a perpetual cycle of inactivity that Finn and Jake, respectively, broke them out of. I really like it when Finn’s insanely improbable plans actually work, like in Marceline’s Closet with the paper airplane.

  6. littlewillie610

    Both of the situations that Finn and Jake found themselves in were interesting and unique. It was cool how they were tied together at the end.

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