Adventure Time Vlogs: Episode 188 – Friends Forever

Ice King finds a way to bring his house hold appliances to life, but what if they’re not the friends he’s looking for? Doug and Jason check it out.

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  1. Did anyone figure out what that book was about that had the light up words? Was it his dairy ? Or someone else’s story?

    • I saw someone translate some of it, and it appears that was Simon’s diary from a bit before he went full Ice King (he says something about making his own kingdom)

      • I saw a freeze frame of it too. It might be one of the darkest tales of post-war Ooo the show’s ever done. The part I remember most is a fog wandering the land that mutates and transforms any human it comes in contact with. The crown makes Simon immune, which causes all the other humans to distrust him.

  2. I looked it up and found a reddit post, it was interesting .

  3. LOL. I love Saved by the Bell. I have an ex-boyfriend who absolutely hated Saved by the Bell and absolutely loved Adventure Time oddly enough.

  4. Hey guys I don’t if it was just me but on my second viewing of this episode I thought maybe Ice King was a stand-in for God and the furniture was life… Don’t want to cause an argument here but the line from the lamp in particular ‘To selfishly create life only to destroy it; there is no greater suffering in this world.’ I may be misquoting there since I don’t remember it perfectly. The idea is the episode is to do with how God creates us to love and is surprised and angry when we don’t. Just my interpretation.

    • I think that’s an interesting interpretation, but I think the lamp works better as a proxy for God, if you ignore the fact it was created by someone else (and to be fair, Ice King wasn’t able to bring them to life on his own anyway, so I don’t think that matters for your interpretation.)

      Please let me know if I misunderstood your idea. This is what made more sense to me. 🙂

  5. What I took most from this episode was that they were trying to remind the viewers that for however silly and fun they make the Ice King after revealing his backstory, he’s still a dangerously unstable, powerful wizard. He turned on Abracadaniel for an as of yet unspecified reason, and he turned on the furniture once they started calling him Simon and trying to probe into his illness. For as spacy as the Ice King is, he’s always reacted negatively when someone uses the name Simon in a belittling manner.

  6. One can only feel bad for the Ice King

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