Adventure Time Vlogs: Episode 190 – Chips and Ice Cream

Sometimes your closest friends are the ones who annoy you the most. Doug and Jason never annoy each other…really! They take a look at a similar episode, Chips and Ice Cream.

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  1. It would probably taste better with regular chips

  2. Oh… now I want ice cream WITHOUT chips. Taco taco. ^.^

  3. maybe it’s just me, but I thought the fact that they had inflections actually made it even MORE annoying.

  4. Don’t Pokemon do that too?

  5. Pokemon, the episode.

  6. Today on Doug and Jason Try…

    This is definitely not my favorite episode, but there are some things to like about it. If anything, it’s the perfect metaphor for the storyboarder Somvilay Xayaphone, (in)famous for some of the more obtuse anti-humor filled episodes of the show’s run. Like him, Chips and Ice Cream are trying to communicate a heartfelt story in a language no one can understand. In this case, it’s a plea for help to try and escape the curse they have of being attached to this bear. I also like how we see another instance of how the magic in Ooo has a logic to it. Rather than mumble some gibberish and wave a wand, the bear has to fulfill certain conditions that make some kind of sense in terms of his goal. He wants to pass along a condition to Jake, so he has to overlap his shadow with Jake’s. “Something Big” did the same thing, with Maja summoning Darren from the distant past by compressing all points of time in a specific location in order to find her target. It’s little touches like that I really enjoy. Finally, this episode does touch on one of the themes of the series: small, seemingly insignificant acts of heroism that no one would ever notice. “Sad Face” and “Little Brother” also dealt heavily in that theme, as will future episodes.

  7. Jake is such a bored character i doubt without Finn he would do anything

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