Adventure Time Vlogs: Episode 191 – Graybles 1000+

Forget the theme on this one, we take a look years into the future, the first time Adventure Time has done this…apart from the whole series…kinda. Doug and Jason remark on, Graybles 1000+.

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  1. In Marceline’s defense, if I could stay in the same house forever, I would. ^.^ Oh, also, I’m pretty sure that Steven Universe is back now. ;D

  2. I know Doug and Jason rarely see comments, but fuck it, I need to say things. (Yes, I’m repeating what I said on Youtube, but you’re probably more likely to see it here.)

    There’s a reason shows rarely touch on the future. And from this episode, I may not have gotten a lot of info, but I got enough to the point there is no reason for me to care about any upcoming events or whatevers from this show. The Earth is still there (which is why the Comet arc is fucking stupid), the Ice King is never cure (so no reason for me to care about their efforts to try to cure him), and Marceline is probably still a vampire (which is why the Stakes miniseries was stupid). As for the characters that have passed on (like Finn and Jake), I can presume they lived happy lives and succeeded in whatever world-ending events they faced during their lives, since you know, the world is still there. As the whole Princess Bubblegum losing her kingdom to King of Ooo was stupid cause based on this, she has eternal control over it, even beyond death, she also continues to spy on her citizens, meaning any character development with her is null and void.

    So yeah, to me, all I get from this is that there’s nothing for me to care about Adventure Time, since it’s world will just keep on going, in a depressing state, but again, that just adds to my whole non-caring demeanor. And fanboys will probably attack my comment like, you know, fanboys for every show, but you know what, I don’t care, you’re free to keep enjoying your show, and if criticism hurts you, grow a backbone.

    • Acetylsalicilique

      How to make sure to make your opinion much less interesting ? Include in your comments “Yeah, THOSE DAMN FANBOYS will attack me, and if you disagree with me now, it’s that you can’t take criticism”.

      You sound very stupid saying that shit…

      As for the point of the comment, yeah, we know where it’s ultimately going to end but… so what ? It’s not the point. What’s important is how you get there. The journey, not the destination.

    • Who said that the future is set in stone? For all we know maybe Finn learns how the future turns out and completely changes the outcome? Maybe that wasn’t Simon, but a completely different person who got their hands on the crown and mutated into the creature. Giving up because you saw one outcome shouldn’t ruin the show, or life in general, for you. It’s all about the little stepping stones that may lead up to that point or they may lead to a completely different destination all together.

    • I was with until the last paragraph . You should probably have just left it out.

    • That’s the thing though, the world moves on with or without Finn and Jake and people still have there own personal problems. The world doesn’t need them, they’re there for the experience of life.

    • The comet was never meant to destroy the Earth. They’re called catalyst comets for a reason-they always bring an element of change, destruction just happened to be the property of the comet in evergreen’s time. So the comet arc wasn’t pointless.
      Everything you’re saying is working on the ground of assumptions. We don’t know if that was ice king, infact the storyboard for this episode dubbed the ice Kingdom ‘the Crowndom ‘. So we can’t be sure what that thing is.

      Secondly you’re assuming that that was marceline in the house, when it wasn’t even shown. We never once see PB’s face. After her probable death her citizens are kept enclosed as if there’s an unknown danger they can’t be exposed to.

      Finally, you’re forgetting the overarching sense of dread in Ooo. We don’t see the face of one main character, Finn and Jane are almost certainly dead and Ooo just seems deserted; so a happy ending isn’t guaranteed.
      I get where you’re coming from but I just don’t agree.

    • One… word :


    • 1colonelsanders

      1: you only care about the ending? You don’t care at all how they get there? I guess you’re just satisfied watching the first and last episodes of a series.
      Sorry but, even though we know the earth won’t get destroyed now, you’re an idiot if you think a cartoon network show has any chance of ending like that. The point of the comet arc is to find out what they do with it. It’s the journey, not the destination. Plus, it wasn’t even meant to destroy earth, like Cloneboy123 said. Even the most destructive one only destroyed a chunk of the world, and there were plenty of other comets.
      2: We don’t know that that thing was the Ice king. Everything that puts on that crown takes on traits of Evergreen. Even finn started gaining those traits when he only had it on for a few seconds.
      3: You’re right that we know she’s still a vampire, but again, journey, not destination. Not to mention that I think lots of people didn’t even notice that she was alive in the episode, since we only see her house for what, like 1 second? There are a lot of things flying by at that part and not everyone has time to see that and comprehend that the house is in a good state so she’s alive. And the ones who did, There’s a good chance they forgot like me, considering those episodes were about a year and a half apart.
      4:”presume they lived happy lives and succeeded in whatever world-ending events they faced during their lives” Really? Do you know how retarded that is? How many episodes deal with world ending events? Like 2 or 3? Maybe? Is that all you watch adventure time for is those episodes? You honestly should have stopped watching a long time ago. And you could “presume” they’ll live happy lives from season 1. That’s just how they are. They don’t sweat the small stuff and are good at overcoming hardship. And again, this isn’t Game of Thrones where anyone can die or have horrible things happen at any time. It’s Cartoon Network where there will always be a relatively happy ending 100% of the time.
      5: see 1 and 3

  3. -The future can change.

    Events that shouldn’t have happened, happened… Meaning that other events can come and change that future.

  4. This was one of my favorite episodes of season 6, and not just for the glimpse at the future. I got the impression that the scenes we got were more vague than you seemed to take. Some part of the Ice Kingdom remains, but whether or not it’s actually the Ice King is ambiguous. The Crown will almost certainly endure regardless of whether Betty’s efforts to separate Simon from its effects succeeds, so it could be an entirely different creature altogether. I noticed that the Gumball Guardians looked different as well, but my first reaction upon seeing them is that they looked like Rattleballs. We’ve seen that Rattleballs is rebuilding his brothers in “Jake the Brick”; perhaps once they’re reformed they go all Zeroth Law and imprison the Candy people in stasis for their own protection. Marceline no longer needs to move around because she originally did so to prevent the Ice King from finding her. Now that she’s made her piece with him, she can settle down. I also liked the detail of one of the objects hanging from Finn and Jake’s tree is on her porch in the future. Despite being a part of her life for a relatively short time, their influence on her is worth memorializing.

    And since no one mentioned it here, this Grables episode actually does have a theme, much like the last one that claimed to not have one. In this case it’s Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (Physiology, Safety, Belonging, Esteem, and Self-Actualization). It’s very subtle, but the tip-off is when Cuber’s sister flat out says “self-actualization-lable”.

  5. Seriously what happened that the future is so dark
    Will Finn even be able to save all

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