Adventure Time Vlogs: Escape from the Citadel

Boy, Finns dad is a dick.

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  1. I think the Guardian Blood seems like it needed to be applied to the bones in order regrow and heal.
    When Martin asks Finn to put the blood on his wound, I thought he would put it on the flesh to have it regrow, but instead he said to put it on the bone and thats how it worked.
    Likewise, when Finn lost his arm, the blood couldn’t regrow the arm because there were no bones left.
    Finally, the Lich was only bones so the blood was rebuilding flesh over his whole body.
    I had thought that they were going to have the healing power destroy the Lich, because I think in D&D, healing magic destroys the undead.

  2. I kind of took the blood as acting like stem cells, in that they just rebuild whatever they are placed next to so it rebuilt Martin’s Leg and the grass from Fin’s arm. I also thought it was killing the Lich at first since usually healing hurts undead but I’m ok with it turning him into a baby.
    Given what we know about The Lich’s origins, that he was created as a result of a bomb which exploded near Fin’s house in Fin the Human, I theorize that the Lich might actually be Fin’s baby sibling from Fin the Human.

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