Adventure Time Vlogs: Everything’s Jake

And it’s…weird!

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  1. One of my favourite episodes. It was silly, yet serious. Impossible, yet possible.

    A living paradox of an episode but the jake world was cool. I hope it returns in the future 🙂

  2. Actually the living paradox world is more like a world of mystery and strangeness and until now I couldn’t think of where I saw it before…

    It’s Spirited Away the Adventure time episode!

    A world where the impossible is possible, the silly is serious a fantasy among the real world.

    No wonder I loved the world 😀

  3. IT’S JOHN DIMAGGIO! Joe DiMaggio was a baseball player.
    Anyways, honestly I found this episode kinda dull, yes it’s an interesting idea and it was nice to heard Futurama voices, but this episode didn’t really do all that much for me.

  4. I’m really excited for the next one, it’s definitely a big one.

  5. It was a pretty fun episode. It’s kinda a weird reunion episode in a way.

  6. “You’re hideous! HIDEOUS!”

    This was a weird one. The additional Futurama voices were an interesting addition.

  7. Moviemantweeter1999

    That was a weird ending to the vlog but the vlog was still good don’t get me wrong. You got Jakes voice actors name wrong its john Dimaggio. But yeah the episodes do get slower especially in the next one. Speaking of next one the next one is the episode where prismo returns and they bring him back to life(OOPS SPOILER). But in the beginning only Finn could see prismo. But just watch the episode for yourself.

  8. Again, didn’t see the episode but I’m a little bored so eh. I haven’t watched Adventure Time since that Root Beer Guy tragedy. D:

  9. The weird beats and off-kilter timing are endemic of the comedy style of storyboarder Somvilay Xayaphone. He’s hit or miss for me, but his brand of humor is very different and when he’s on point, he delivers. “Thanks for the Crabapples, Giusseppe!” and “Vault of Bones” are a few of my favorites from him.

    I would argue that Magic Man is essential for the narrative this episode is trying to tell. Magic Man has carved out a niche for himself as a trickster who torments our heroes by preying on their flaws and insecurities. In “All the Little People”, he preys on Finn’s suppressed relationship woes to drive him into his own little world for 4 months. In “Time Sandwich” he preys on Jake’s fear of losing his loved ones (specifically Lady Rainicorn) by way of taking his sandwich. In this episode, he digs at Jake about his failings as a father by making him the father of an entire world within himself. The world will cease to exist if he wakes up (also a Lovecraftian motif), but he cannot eat anything in his Bellyworld to sustain himself. Magic Man directly pits his sense of fatherly duty against his desire to indulge himself, much the same way his early fathering came at the cost to his sleep and his latter day fathering focuses on his own enjoyment over forming meaningful relationships with his children (see “Ocarina”). To further twist the knife, Magic Man suggests there is a way he can sustain the world while also sustaining himself, but Jake is ultimately unable to find that balance, if it ever existed in the first place.

    Loved the Futurama reunion element too. Around this same time, Katey Segal was guest starring on Regular Show, which was a welcome surprise as well.

  10. “The waffle doll shall fall,
    Lest you eat the yellow dough”, I guess

  11. I agree that like ghost fly this episode was good but not great, that’s how I felt about most of season 6 so far, maybe a future episode will blow me away like the show used to, but at the moment I kind of feel like the show peaked a while ago.

  12. It was a strange episode

  13. I felt like most of the episodes in this season have that exact slow pace Doug’s talkin’ about. You kind of saw it comin in Season 5, but I think it’s just full force now. Kinda goes with the existential theme that the show is putting on more here. Not necessarily about being funny the way the older seasons were, for sure.

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