Adventure Time Vlogs: Ghost Fly

The Vlogs are back with a spooooky visitor!

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  1. Moviemantweeter1999

    Yeah adventure time blogs were back. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for this one!!!

    • Moviemantweeter1999

      Good blog. I agree with Jason I liked beemo in this episode she was going crazy over a fly poor little machine. But yeah not a lot to talk about here other then I liked Jason’s shirt nice call to my neighbor totoro and see yeah in the next vlog where I’m sure you’ll have stuff to talk about(which the next episode is everything Jake so I’m sure they’ll have a lot to talk about the weirdness in that one).

  2. This last season was really disappointing…. sure here were some neat ideas, but there was almost NO humor! I feel like the writers aren’t sure what direction to in and some of the shows really good writers have moved on to other things. At least we got to see the origin of Jake’s powers, but then again, did we even really NEED to know that? I d of liked the whole mystery of it all.

    • There were a few episodes with decent humor, but nothing like the amazing hilarity of earlier seasons.

      • I think it mainly has to do with the show’s creator, who was also the showrunner, stepped down during Season 5.

        • But WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!

          • Then again, this episode had some funny parts.

          • From everything I’ve heard, he just got overwhelmed from 5 years of running a show with Adventure Time’s release schedule, especially one that eventually morphed into a multimedia empire. He seems like a pretty introverted guy to begin with, so the pressure of running all that eventually just got to the point where he didn’t want to continue. He’s still a writer and storyboarder on the series, so Pendelton Ward’s voice hasn’t been completely removed from the show.

          • Yeah he still works on the show. He’s just not the show runner. I don’t think people understand that.

            I don’t know, I really love this season. I wanna know where it’s going. They seem to be building up to something big.

        • I guess it just couldn’t handle the loss of both Mr. Ward AND Ms. Sugar.
          Speaking of the latter, Steven Universe has been getting crazy, if you’re looking for a replacement 11-minute cartoon.

    • I rather liked this season, actually. I wouldn’t call it humorless, but it’s definitely become less of an outright comedy show, and I actually really like that.

  3. Didn’t watch the episode but I’m bored so… yeah.

  4. It has been over 5 months
    It was a unexpected episode

  5. Glad to see the Adventure Time Vlogs are back. I was prepared to make some noise over in the OTGW vlog until I saw this one posted as well. This was a textbook inessential episode, but it was more than funny enough to justify its existence. The atmosphere was really nice too, the fog rolling in on the treehouse felt very Exorcist. I took Finn drawing the outline of a woman as just him losing focus in the middle of what he was doing and indulging his teenage hormones. Basically just a silly way for him to get possessed. The pallbearer joke was amazing, though I’ve also heard people put forth that the punchline is “Paul-er Bear” (like polar bear). The former makes more sense thematically, but the latter makes more sense in terms of the joke’s phrasing. Supremely silly, but still a lot of fun.

  6. I love horror movie references so of course I liked it. Though probably not much to discuss. It’s just a nice Halloweeny episode.
    With Everything’s Jake you start the Jake week episodes, which includes Is That You? which is apparently the highest rated episode on IMDB.

    • Moviemantweeter1999

      Except I would say Jake week ended with Jake the brick and then there was an episode focused on Finn where he had to go to the land of ooo’s so called dentist but in the episode he had to go though training.

  7. Apart from the first two episodes, this season has been a let down and has nearly killed my interest in Adventure Time. (Thank god for Steven Universe!)

  8. Why do people hate this season so much? And why do people keep comparing it to SU? They are completely different shows and SU would not exist without AT so I really hate it when SU fans put down AT to make their show look better.

    • I imagine it’s the fact that the show was created by a former staple of Adventure Time’s creative team, and the shows have a slightly similar “feel” to them.

      That is, they’re both somewhat fantastical series with some oddball humor and characters, lots of humor and heart, occasional musical numbers that both suit the shows and are catchy in their own right and surprisingly interesting and dark back stories.

      That said, I agree that they should be graded on their own merit and not relative to anything else. Rebecca Sugar and Pendleton Ward are both fantastically talented people, and although I confess that Steven Universe has been a little more to my tastes lately, they’re both incredibly enjoyable series and I watch both regularly. Both have given far too much for me to consider writing off one over the other.

      • Oh believe me I think SU is amazing and I’m glad it’s doing extremely well. Both shows are doing great things for kid’s shows along with GF and others. I just wish people treated it less of a competition and just celebrated the fact we have such great shows.

        • Nah, I get where you’re coming from. I enjoy and watch all three whenever they’re on, and am always impatient for new episodes.

          Honestly, all three of those shows are probably the highest quality kids cartoons I’ve seen currently airing (now that LoK is off the air, and I’d argue they beat that at times too). Sometimes, fan bases need to learn to stop competing and just enjoy good work when it comes around, y’know?

          That said, the wait on new episodes for AT and GF is killllllllling me. Thank god SU is still airing regularly.

  9. “Shouldn’t have tried to kill me, son!”

    This was a really funny episode, especially when Jake double kills the fly at the last second. I think show has been getting gradually slower and more melancholic as it’s gone on. It hasn’t necessarily gotten better or worse, but Adventure Time does feel a little different. Anyway, it’s good to see these again.

  10. AT Vlogs are back!

    *does the foamy mouth Avatar guy impersonation*

  11. Honestly, with the low frequency of new Adventure Time episodes airing recently, this wait didn’t feel too long.

  12. To be fair to Jason, I didn’t get Jake’s joke either. I thought it was just Jake being random.

  13. Oliver De Castro

    How long is Doug going to wear that shirt?

  14. Great to have these back! I missed the AT-Vlogs so much. 😀

    I’m surprised that you guys didn’t talk about the ending! Jake killed the ghost-fly, and like the fly after it found its unfinished soup, is engulfed in a bright light. He thinks that BMO is bringing him back…but, when he wakes up, BMO looks very nervous and hesitant. Not only did he manage to actually KILL Jake…but Jake was ASCENDING to the next world. BMO did NOT bring him back in time – the doctors did, and by their reaction, very narrowly.

    Jake – being Jake – totally forgot that he had an unfinished joke and instead was ecstatic that he’d finally managed to kill the fly, causing him to start to cross-over to the afterlife. The ending revelation was a bit jarring to me after what had been such a cute, fun episode.

    “I’m sorry you were born a fly and I had to kill you…you disgusting, disgusting creature.” LOL.

  15. Good to see you guys doing this again. Bit of a shame you have to come back on their funny-but-filler Halloween episode, but don’t you worry; there’s been some crazy interesting stuff in season six, and you’ll definitely have stuff to talk about.
    Man, I missed these vlogs.

  16. Rejoice! The return of the X-men shirt. Oh and some talking thing or whatever. :Þ

    Oh I hope they get to Evergreen in this run!

  17. Ohh, I missed these vlogs, these jokes and “Yeah, no, it was a fine episode”

  18. doug, thats it, youve been eating too much man, you are too rich. im disabling the ads. its for your own good pal, trust me

  19. I pretty much feel the same way about this episode, I like the idea of a ghost fly and the episode did have some good jokes, but it’s not exactly spectacular.

  20. The outline is of Flame princess, and mirrors an episode in season 4 where Fin draws Bubblegum. And I think it’s sweet Fin is still sad over Flame Princess.

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