Adventure Time Vlogs: Is That You?

Guess who comes back?

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  1. Well, if Prismo can come back, Root Beer Guy better come back sometime soon! D:

  2. Timey wimey stuff yay!

    The Finn Sword is really weird. Cause (spoilers) he is later seen talking to it.

    I like that they brought up the thorn in the hand. Looks like the whole arm thing won’t be a wasted opportunity after all.

    Also Prismo is back! Hopefully another god-like figure won’t have to take his place in death….

  3. I honestly don’t know how you’re still interested in this “grand story” Adventure Time is “making” Doug, I personally gave up on that aspect of Adventure Time cause to me all it seems like is that they never planned anything ahead and they’ll make stuff up as they go along and pretend it “all part of the master plan” and along with that, the whole show experience for me soured from a simple show that evolved to be meaningful and gripping to 2deep4u ASK ME WHAT IT MEANS type of crap. I’ve noticed that trend the second half of Season 5, and I completely gave up on that “grand tale” when Finn got his arm back in that Breezy episode, which I still think is complete crap, I find no reason whatsoever to have Finn grow back his arm, at all, and in this episode, I found no reason to have brought Prismo back, sure he’s a fun character, but I find him being brought back is pointless, and I don’t care if episode implies to not think too hard about it, it still doesn’t make sense from my perspective. I still watch Adventure Time because they can still make funny standalone episodes from time to time, but I have no hope for it’s “grand story”.

    • by the sound of things, I don’t think you’re caught up currently with the episodes. If you were I would guarantee you’d probably be invested since the character development gets better and better as this season goes on with a good amount of them. Oh they’re leading up to something alright (people caught up know what’s up), can’t wait for the season finale.

      • On the contrary, I’m all caught up with Adventure Time, in fact, one the episodes I had in mind when talking about the 2deep4u part was the Astral Plane one. I will admit though there were some good one from after this episode, like the Evergreen one and the one with Susan Strong. Also I know what you’re talking about when you say they’re leading to something, that comet of doom, well yes, they’re leading up to that for this season…… but I still think the show overall right now is directionless.

    • I don’t think I’d say there’s a grand story. But rather it’s a show with good continuity. It lets it’s characters have themes that are more than a one and done deal. (finn’s issues with his father, pb’s amorality, the end of the world) I think it’s fun to see things pop up again and be dealt with in a different way.

    • DontStopBeingYou

      I agree with you, TheAnt1. I do feel like AT makes up its content as it goes and sometimes makes a little breadcrumb trail back to some later or new episodes, but not always intentionally. At least that is how it feels.

  4. SO glade you are doing these again !

    This was a really good I love that prizmo is back even if nothing has been done with him

    I do think there were multiple sets of fin and jack in that lop and only one “copy” of them made it out

    if you notice the new finn sword was seen before in the Breezy eposide carried by PB

  5. I really hope that they do Steven Universe soon. I enjoy Steven Universe quite a bit more then Adventure Time. Not because Adventure Time is bad, Steven Universe is just so fucking good.

  6. If I didn’t already love Prismo, this episode would make me. He created his own paradox.

    There is the weird emotional tug of having one version of Jake asleep forever and a version of Finn trapped as a sword. Is that okay? Jake seemed happy to sleep but is Finn okay as a sword? I don’t know how I feel about this.

  7. I liked Finn getting a legitimate moment of heroism in this episode. He agrees to aid Prismo, despite his admission that he has no idea if Finn or his duplicate or even both will be erased from reality when they meet. All for a guy he’s only passingly familiar with, but means a lot to Jake. I too am glad to see the thorn referenced again and hope there are more twists and turns to come in the story of Finn’s arm. These kind of mind-boggling episodes are usually the handiwork of storyboarder Jesse Moynihan. He’s responsible for the incredible “Sons of Mars”, and a lot of his episodes have some legitimately intricate philosophical and occult influences to them. We’ll see quite a bit more of him later in the season.

  8. This was cool but confusing
    I am glad that Prismo returned

  9. This episode annoys me, I like prismo as a character but I feel that bringing him back just weakens the overall plot and cheapens the events of the citadel two parter, and the fact they brought him back using bizarre time travel nonsense only makes it worse, it’s not quite as bad as when Finn got his arm back but it’s still pretty annoying.

    It’s weird since the show does not have a problem with breaking the status quo, so the problem seems to be that the writers just refuse to commit to a idea, which has always been a problem with this show(cough young bubblegum cough) but has only gotten worse over time.

  10. This episode’s timeline actually makes sense and uses many paradoxes to find a loophole in space and time. Which is clever but also unsettling; is there really loopholes in an infinite world like ours?

    Either way I loved the references to older episodes and that prismo is back, he was one of the best guys in the series 😀

  11. “Welcome back Prismo.”

    This was an interesting and well done example of a time travel plot. I don’t normally like it when characters are brought back from the dead, but this one felt like it was earned. All the references to previous episodes were cool as well.

    The thorn on Finn’s hand is probably biggest reason why I don’t really take issue with him getting his arm back. There’s clearly more to this subplot than we’ve seen so far. It reminds me of “The Tower”, when Finn gave “Martin” a black eye with his spiked phantom arm.

  12. I thought it was interesting that there now exists another Jake in Prismos world in the role of sleeping prismo, and another Finn (possibly) in “their” world in the form of the Finn sword!! interesting concept to say the least.

  13. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was delighted with Prismo’s return. He’s such a nice dude and his death actually hit me. Usually I’d wish character stay dead to keep the impact, but Prismo is just too damn cool. It also helped they dealt with it in a pretty fun and creative, if confusing, way.

  14. I was in the impression that, from Prismo’s mind-breaking plan to prevent his death/continue existing, the Jake in the bed is in fact… The original ”old man” !

    Looks the same person, the room, the bed…
    And remember Jake’s specific words, when he ‘sees’ the scene of the old man’s death :

    « I remember feeling like someone had peeled away a layer of my brain, and my reality was no longer anchored to any point of reference (…) not being crushed by a paradigm (…) »

    This ‘old man’-Jake, who died, is an alternate version of Jake as seen in this episode.

  15. It helps that I love Adventure Time so much, but man, the chemistry Doug and Jason have in these episodes is why i come back so much. Adorbs <3

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