Adventure Time Vlogs: Jake the Brick

All in all we’re just another brick in the wall.

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  1. Once again a great Adventure Time episode.

  2. John DiMaggio should consider narrating nature documentaries

  3. I hope we get Jori’s reaction to “The Cooler” and “Pajama War”.

  4. I’ll have to watch this one later. Jake’s such a strange yet fascinating character. Probably my 3rd favorite character overall on this show.

    • I’m really glad they liked the episode. Lucky for Doug we do get an episode with the Lich baby.

      Yeah there’s not a lot of shows that can go more then three seasons without getting stale. Doesn’t mean they are bad, just some shows can’t go on for too long depending on the material they have.

      Since AT is experimental and more character driven it can go on for a little longer. If you don’t like a season that much you might like the next one more. Though I still kinda hope it ends around the time the movie is released though.

      They are getting to the extremely good episodes (well I think they are really good).

  5. I’m pretty sure that I remember Selena Gomez saying the b word during one of her Wizards of Waverly Place spells so… yeah. I may have dreamed that though…

  6. Funny, the moment I saw the episode title I just knew Jake’s gonna decide to live as a brick for some reason… I guess I’ve watched enough Adventure Time to expect the bizarre . 😀 Loved the episode.

  7. The Lich baby has actually always been that big. He’s the same size as the actual Lich, just with flesh added/

  8. InspectorSpacetime

    So glad Doug liked this episode, definitely my personal favourite of this series so far. Although I am having to adjust myself to watching these vlogs having watched several episodes ahead. Hopefully they catch up soon; watching these ten or so episodes in advance takes half the fun out of it!

  9. That beginning was pointless, but yeah, the rest of the episode was pretty fascinating.

  10. It was quite a fun episode

  11. Although I agree about Breaking Bad’s Fly episode as 1 of their weakest, I do like some of the moments there with more bonding from the two and that near confession.

    Also, like that episode, I despise flies. They touch anything, and I mean ANYTHING! Those shit-bathing freaks should die!

  12. “Deers are jerks.”

    Adventure Time is really one of those shows where you never know what you’re going to get from episode episode. With the past four or five episodes, it definitely feels like they were trying to make up for the lack of Jake in the earlier half of the season.

  13. Moviemantweeter1999

    Nice ending. To be honest this episode was all right nothing too special just o.k. next episode should be an interesting one to talk about since they straight up kill Tiffany(well they don’t say it but its hinted that the character disappeared).

  14. Glad you two liked this was as much as I did. The gorgeous animation helped the lack of action, but the real draw for me was all the characters. You nailed it on saying that showing all the characters listening in on the broadcast while doing their own things helps make the world feel expansive. It also makes it feel more cohesive. Most of these character have never shared screentime with one another, so it’s easy to feel like they’re even part of the same show. This season’s theme has really been about expanding the show’s scope to flesh out a lot of the side characters, hence the number of episodes that focused on characters other than Finn and Jake. This episode is a good coda for that theme. One of my favorites of the season and I’ve rewatched it many times.

  15. She is Simon’s fiancee, no? Not wife.
    There is still that ongoing debate about EVE’s f-bomb in WALL-E. The problem here is that Jake speaks too clearly and there would be no chance for ambiguity.

  16. Yeah this was a very nice cute laid back episode, to be honest with the writhers seemingly refusing to actually commit to a lot of major plot developments I’ve started started enjoying episodes like this more than big plot ones.

  17. Did you guys catch that Rattleballs is rebuilding his army?

  18. About you wanting them to add swear words, they actually do put them in storyboards sometimes (like “Dude, what the fuck?” and stuff like that) but I don’t think they expect them to make it in the final cut.

  19. do steven universe vlogs

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