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We find out Bubblegum’s first name?

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  1. I like the title card to this episode.The only time I don’t want to be watched is like the shower or something. Besides, that I don’t care. Although, I only have Instagram and Twitter which I post on about once a month or so. Anyways, I think it’s kind of odd to put politics in a Cartoon Network show…

  2. You actually find out PB’s name in season 2. Marceline calls her Bonnibel in the episode “Go With Me.”

  3. Do you watch Person of Interest, Doug?
    “We are being watched…”

  4. O my god! this episode made me despise PB! just because of a small chance of threat she killed hundreds of fire kingdom citizens! She’s a monster!!!!!

    • Except that… She… Didn’t kill anyone at all? And the “small chance of threat” was a major military leader in the Fire Kingdom who is continuously urging for the Candy Kingdom to be invaded? And the Fire Kingdom has weapons of mass destruction, so all she was doing was disabling them to preserve the safety of her people?

      How quick people are to accuse PB of random shit without either paying attention or considering her position continues to baffle me.

  5. How can you not have Jori in on this one? She was right; PB is evil. What she was destroying wasn’t just weapons; those were the fire people’s religious artifacts. She is a horrible person. She just hides it behind a pretty facade.

    • My thoughts exactly. I can’t really agree with Doug on this not being a character-driven one. If anything, this is just a thesis on how skewed her morals are.

    • Oh no. Not religious artifacts. How important those are compared to people’s lives. Clearly placing the value of real people over tradition and make-believe is an act of utter evil.

      Wiait, no. You’re an idiot.

  6. “I’m not that smart.”

    I agree that Bubblegum’s ethically questionable behavior is what make her an interesting character. The impact the events of this episode had on her will become more apparent in “Pajama War”.

  7. Ah, that’s where that sneeze went from the Over the Garden Wall Vlog. The world is in balance again 🙂

  8. Man, PB is such an ass. And this episode pretty much solidifies it, but the writers know it, and the characters, at least some, start to know it.
    But you are right on several accounts.
    Yes, the reasons she does these things are understandable, especially from her position.
    Yes, it does what makes her character a bit more interesting.
    But I think they can tone her down a bit with being all conniving and stuff, and yet still be an interesting character with some darker tones to her.
    So I’m hoping you guys are right in saying this is a turning point for her.

  9. This was a very character-centric episode, actually. It’s a catalyst for some more of PB’s character development.

    I’m pretty sure PB’s transformation was planned. It’s character development, after all.
    It started after Mortal Recoil/Folly when she nearly died, and from then on, she became more paranoid – developing what’s been implied to be PTSD from her experience – and closed herself off more and more, and all around just continued to slide down this slippery slope until Flame Princess finally knocked her to her senses. No one else was going to. Finn’s been around her so long that not only is she his close friend, but he rarely questions her actions. Jake and Marcy are both gluttons for chaos, so even if they did question her, they’d likely do nothing about it. The only person who could have set Peebles right is FP; someone who’s not close to her at all and is a fellow, responsible monarch.

    I doubt PB’s going to stop being an interesting character. There’s still a lot we don’t know about her, and this descent has only been one part of her character development. The focus has been on her excessive over-protectiveness and paranoia, but now we get to see her try to change, opening herself up more to her friends, becoming less stuffy and more carefree and trying to all around be a better person and a less restrictive ruler.
    I don’t know about you, but that sound’s pretty interesting to me.

    I can’t wait to see what you think of The Pajama War.

    • FP’s also the best one to knock some sense into Bubblegum because she’s the one who’s been affected most by PB’s tough decisions. Her entire childhood was spent inside a lantern because of one of PB’s calls. She has a dimmer view of PB than pretty much anyone else in the cast.

      • I agree, though I don’t think it was PB’s fault that she was locked in a lantern for most of her life. Peebles only told the Fire King to control her power because she was accidentally and unknowingly setting everything on fire. She doesn’t like bad parents, as seen in “Shoko.”

        Speaking of bad parents, I’d hate to see how she’d react to Martin. I can only imagine how furious she’d be.

        • The funny thing about that is that she’s not really a good parent herself….

          • She is at least attempting to be a good parent to her candy people. She’s screwed up before, of course, but I think what she really hates is those parents, like Flame King, Martin, Shoko’s parents, e.t.c. who don’t even try. Flame King doesn’t want to deal with his kid, so he just puts her in a lantern and forgets about her. Martin never even stuck around to find out that he HAD a kid, and the moment he does learn about him, he runs away.
            Bubblegum’s time and energy are stretched extremely thin, but she’s putting everything she has into being a good leader and a good mother. Her flaws are understandable given that it’s such an enormous task; if I were her, I’d put cameras everywhere too. Even that hardly begins to cover everything she needs to be handling, and she only does the questionable stuff in order to do what’s best for them. I think her flaws as a leader are actually testament to her devotion to her subjects, if that makes sense.

    • Sadly, at this rate, it seems they will never do Pajama War. Or any other Adventure Time vlog. These are the only reason I even come this website. : /

  10. This is an interesting episode. I’m interested in what they do with PB now. I kinda hope they don’t go “Oh she’s 100 percent good now. Now she can date!” I might be weird for this but I still kinda wanna see her break down. Be at her lowest low. ETC.

    What I think is that they are gonna make it look like she’s getting better, but something down the line makes her snap.

    I think with PB, while she has good intentions (for the most part), she does have something….ugly inside her. I think in this episode she calls her subjects idiots right? So as much as some wanna deny it, yeah she’s not a “good person.”

    With FP, I’m still not to sure about. I think one of the problems I have with her character is that they always tell us stuff about her, but don’t show it. Telling but not showing. The good thing about this one is that they actually show her being a good leader and a good person. So maybe they are going in a good direction. Great title card.

    I hate just giving a character a tragic backstory. It always feels like laziness because you have a weak character and you don’t wanna give them a interesting personality. I mean, I like a good tragic backstory sometimes but only if a character earns it.

  11. This was a great episode for PB and a proper return for Flame Princess. What a lot of people forget is that Bonnie’s decision to provoke the Fire Kingdom was a direct result of her finding out that FP’s brother has been pushing for war on the Candy Kingdom for months. Her surveillance network is doing exactly what it’s designed to do: detect imminent threats and neutralize them before they appear at her gates. You can argue whether or not her preemptive strike was fully justified or not, but she did have reason to suspect trouble.

    I confess that “Red Throne” is the only episode of Adventure Time that I really hated. Part of me has cringed involuntarily every time Phoebe has appeared on screen since then. This episode did a lot towards reversing some of that damage to her character. She’s still a competent, caring ruler, almost unheard of in the Fire Kingdom, but she’s still new to the job. PB used her superior knowledge of politics as well as her uncontrollable temper to play her like a fiddle. In return, FP gives her the verbal dressing down that no other character is really in the position to give her. Some of her subjects have shown resistance to her more blatant acts of tyranny (see “Apple Wedding”), but PB can just throw them in jail. Plus, FP has suffered more due to PB’s decisions than perhaps any other character. Her words rang truest when we saw her spying on Finn and Jake. Spying on possibly militant neighbors is fine, but in PB’s current mindset, even her most loyal subjects/best friends are not above suspicion. This one is up there with “James” for my favorite character examination episodes for PB.

    • To be fair, I don’t think she’s suspicious of Finn and Jake as much as having cameras on them for their protection. They’re not only probably her closest friends, but the Candy Kingdom needs their protection. As she said in “James,” she can’t clone another Finn, and she wouldn’t want any harm to come to him for both personal and practical reasons.

  12. My theory is that Bubblegum is really evil, want’s to be declared Queen of the Land of Ooo,

  13. I love (and love to hate) PB, she’s so obsessed about taking care of her candy people that she would screw anybody else’s country just to keep them safe, even if nobody is trying to hurt them. I also like that she’s also getting tired of it.. (in the next episode..)
    To be fair with PB, anyone who get the power to spy on someone could get addicted to it. We tend to be morbidly curious and, if anyone has the possibility to enter someone elses privacy, they could do it and keep coming back, even if there’s nothing to see.
    I can relate to that when i discovered one of my best friend’s facebook’s password and even when being best pals and knowing almost everything of him i couldn’t resist taking a look, and big shock! i didn’t find out anything interesting :V but i kept coming back until it became an obsession. Then i realised i was a miserable human, i felt like shit sneaking into his private world. I failed as a friend. So i told him i’ve discovered his facebook password and suggest him to change it. I didn’t want to have that power anymore :S…..

    Finn & Jake were singing the food chain song from the food chain episode *-* :V

  14. This wasn’t poilitically-oriented. it’s character development for Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum-oriented.

    I was hoping Jori would be in this one. Hopefully she’ll be in the next.

  15. PB is horrible in this one. She is far to willing to screw over everyone else for her own goals. I totally sympathize with the guy who wants to blow up the candy kingdom. She was after all, willing to let countless people suffer and die to prove she has the power to do so. I don’t even blame the Ice King for playing along, because it oddly enough isn’t a bad showing on him. I just assumed she threatened to either reveal his secrets, or do harm to him. Again, PB is a horrible person here.

    • Uh. Horrible how? She was completely justified. Flame Princess’s brother is ranting non-stop about invading the Candy Kingdom and using their WMDs. She was doing precisely what she had to in order to protect her people. Keeping an eye on shit like this is why her kingdom still exists.

      • Oh, and no, she wasn’t making people “suffer and die just to prove she had the power to do so”. It was part of a plan to disable the WMDs so the Fire Kingdom couldn’t kill HER people.

        • Yeah, that’s why she can go and kill all the fire people! (I don’t think that part was justified. She could have at least tried to talk to them first.)

          Though I don’t think it took much to convince the Ice King to join her plan. He doesn’t like FP and he loved PB.

      • She’s justified in trying to kill EVERYONE because ONE guy was talking shit about her on the off chance that maybe some day they might listen to him? I’d like to see you say that if you lived in Cuba (or whatever) and suddenly the US declared that because you MIGHT be threat they will nuke your country, killing you and everything you love.

        • Except she didn’t try to kill anyone, and no one died. And yes, she took action on the chance that someone might listen to someone about invading her kingdom and killing her people. In the world of grown-ups, that’s something that has to be treated seriously.

          Your Cuba analogy makes no sense whatsoever. And the U.S. has taken action against threats to its people and interests many times, covertly or overtly. Many incidents that were covered up have only recently come to light in the past few decades. But the people on the other end sure do remember.

          Again: Something grown-ups have to deal with in the real world, and something that PB has to consider as the ruler of a kingdom of people who can’t get through life without her holding their hand because they’ll more or less instantly descend into chaos and anarchy.

          Someday you’ll understand responsibility.

  16. The spoon of feeding, the amulet of power, and all sorts of powerful artefacts, all in her possession. The guardians. Her technological advances…

    She’s terrifying, for even more reasons now.

    Princess Bubblegum, and her *Eternal Candy Empire*.

  17. I don’t know about PB. Yes, she is cold because she thinks is for the good of his Kingdom, but politicians are ALWAYS for the so-called “Greater Good”. And if Avatar: The Last Airbender, the greatest TV Show in history told us anything, is that The Greater Good can only lead to enormous catastrophes.
    Titles for the last episodes of this season have been revealed, and most of them sound like something alarmingly BIG is going to happen…
    NOTE: That also includes an Adventure Time mini-series telling stories of figures from Marceline’s past coming back…this show has big cards to play!

  18. I have a theory on why PB spies on everyone(besides the fact that she does in order to protect her kingdom)
    So far we’ve seen something that might have been her back on Simon and Marcy
    You know that pink goo on the walls,that goo obviously did not follow Marcy and Simon around yet it already knew that they were looking for some chicken soup and managed to give it to them at the exact spot they were going,that at least suggests that all that pink goo is a single enormous “all seeing” being SO my argument is that PB used to be able to watch every part that pink goo was spread to and doing so via electronic means after her “evolution?” into a humanoid is just her doing what she did all those years,it is pretty much in her nature to watch everything and being “blindsided” upsets her.

    • That’s a very interesting theory. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold up if the video games are canon, which I believe they are supposed to be. In ‘Explore the Dungeon Because I Don’t Know’, the pink goo is revealed to be


      Bubblegum’s parents, not Bubblegum herself.

  19. you should do Steven universe Vlogs I think you’ll like it

  20. Doug grew up thinking he was Daffy Duck. How could he not be paranoid?

  21. PB has to many secrets
    I think that Finn & Jack dance and song convinced her fully that she should give up on spying

  22. I quite liked this episode, it’s nice that after such a long time we finally have a episode where somebody acknowledges that PB spies on everybody, kind of a shame it’s the episode were she decides to stop spying on everybody.

    I also really liked that flame princess got to do stuff that doesn’t involve Finn in this episode, I personally find her more interesting now that she’s no longer Finn’s love interest.

  23. I miss the adventure time Vlogs. i really want to know his thoughts on the vampire episodes it was like an adventure time movie split into 8 parts it was amazing

    • I know, the Stakes miniseries was incredible. I can’t wait for him to get back to these, if he ever does…
      I mean it’s been so long since he’s made one…

  24. Will Doug ever continue the Adventure Time Vlogs? I miss these!

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