Adventures of Pluto Nash – Nostalgia Critic

One of comedies biggest bombs, but does it even deserve THAT much attention? The Nostalgia Critic takes a look at The Adventures of Pluto Nash.

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    …..said no one ever.

    PS: BVS Hype!!!

  2. I had no idea this movie even existed.

  3. It’s early today! I can watch before lunch!

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Just got out of school and nice to see the video this early.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Good review as always and thank God you mentioned Nash from radio dead air in this review cause that’s the first thing I think when I rememba Pluto Nash and not all this stupid crap about this awful film.

      I got another Eddie Murphy film for you to cover: I Spy its supposed to be based on the old tv show but it turns out being a horrid action comedy with Murphy being real annoying and Owen Wilson having really nothing to do and plus that cliffhanger ending which is awful but hope you do cover that one.

      And you made me cry at the ASPCA,dam you Doug for making me cry again.

  5. Speaking from experience, I assure you there is too little clothing and not enough chocolate milk for that to be a Mormon rave.

  6. 1:46 – You absolutely butchered Benjamin Netanyahu’s name.

  7. Bruce Lorne Campbell should be offered every lead!
    Imagine him as Spider-Man, a finer choice indeed.
    Casablanca could’ve been improved if Campbell would’ve said,
    “Here’s looking at you…you primitive screwhead!”

  8. There’s no way NC will be able to use footage from BvS. Unless they just use footage from the trailers, which pretty much spoil the whole movie… nah, that still won’t be enough to properly illustrate terrible plot twists like Heath Luthor kidnapping Supes’ mom.

    So… yay to another cringe-worthy live-action reenactment parody “review”? Featuring Angry Joe for good measure. Uuugggghhhhhhh.

    Remember Man of Steel-era reviews, which were big, epic, funny, used a ton of hilarious characters, and were a hundred times more entertaining than the movies themselves? Power Rangers, the Devil, Last Airbender. So much good stuff. I miss that Nostalgia Critic.

  9. The android was…almost a little cool…but that’s just because my standards had been set so extremely low by the rest of the movie.

  10. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    End line of review “oh boy he’s gonna have his way with her”

  11. Also: HYPED for Doug and Joe’s Batman V Superman review!!!

    “They done fucked it up!”

    • Yeah, I’m interested to see it, because based on their personal reviews I believe Doug liked it more than Joe did, so it will be interesting to see them flip the script on the last one.
      That being said, it would be an epic troll if the next review was something different, and Critic was just like “What? I told you that stuff wasn’t a hint about the next review!”

  12. Actually, I enjoyed this movie. Not that it is good, but it’s more of a guilty pleasure. I really don’t know why.

  13. Huh, it’s funny. I’d actually forgotten that this movie existed until last week, when Some Jerk With A Camera started his Haunted Mansion review. In which the Critic had a cameo. Huh.

  14. Wow… I remember watching this film on video when it came out. And I remembered NOTHING from it.

    Okay. I remember Dawson mentioning that she sung at “Reincarnation rituals” because I believed in reincarnation back then, so I liked that but other than that this film was so forgettable.
    I even forgot Cleese was in this film. How dull and uninteresting must a film be for John Cleese to be forgettable?

  15. Oh man, those political subtexts there are so unbelievably dated by then, but now it can either work for future political jokes or the upcoming Trump Reich.

  16. Hey! Joe!

    That is how dull “Pluto Nash” is.

  17. If you bashed two people’s heads together on the moon, the gravity would not “slow everything down”. If anything, since there is little/no air resistance to slow their heads, it would hurt even more.

  18. Leave physics to physicists


    I’ve never seen this movie but I’ve heard of it ala Robot Chicken. Also YES FINALLY we’re getting another WTR. I though he was dome with these like those what you never knew or Raiders of the Story Arc.

  20. Back to the future 2 did not have a future that looked like that.

  21. Ha. That Buddy Love joke almost slid straight by me.

  22. aw im not an asshole, that much XD

  23. *Angry Joe walks in* Shit just got real.

  24. Considering the ASPCA has been on the forefront of efforts to block the No Kill movement, I’m disappointed you picked it as your charity. They haven’t really been on the forefront of animal rights since Henry Bergh’s time with them.

    • That’s because the no kill movement is unbelievably unrealistic. What are they supposed to do with all of those animals? You want them to just let loose a bunch of animals to go feral? You want to guarantee no kills, go adopt them all, and you deal with it.

      • Considering that San Francisco, the fourth largest city in America, was the first city to successfully go No Kill back in the ’70s, it doesn’t seem so unrealistic. That’s one of the baseless arguments that’s been debunked a million times that opponents try to discredit the movement with.

        Please do some research. Read Nathan Winograd’s books. No Kill is being successfully implemented in cities across the nation and very few animals are in the shelter long term.

        • No kill means hurting animals, as there isn’t enough space for all of them. It’s fucking cruel.

          If you’re going to repeat nonsense, at least let it be stuff that doesn’t hurt animals.

  25. Yeah, I knew you’d review “Batman Vs. Superman” eventually. It’ll be the new “Force Awakens”, only not good. I do love how topical you are. Did you say for “A Thousand Words”? That has a zero percent on RottenTomatoes! Of course, Hillary might not get the nomination at all.

    • The review wont be good? Why not, there’s a whole hell of a lot more to make fun of. And I do believe that the “Hillary feeling the Bern” joke was in reference to Sanders being the next president.

      • He’d be better than her, that’s for sure. But personally I don’t know if he’s strong enough to handle the responsibility. He’s pretty frail.

        • Why do you think he’s frail or can’t handle it? He’s got a lot of experience (more than Hillary) and even his colleagues in congress say he’s a good negotiator and such. He might be old, but he’s pretty damn healthy and energetic.

  26. Not a fan of “not trying jokes”, otherwise – a good review.

    I liked this movie and rewatch it several times back then. The colorful guns was the thing I remember liking, ’cause they were like Time Crisis handguns.

  27. I remember watching this movie one day on HBO, because I had nothing better to do. Hell, even HBO introduced me to the stupidity that was Battlefield Earth.

    • I wish there was such a thing as “Naked Kirk Cameron Saves Naked Michael Myers on Naked Christmas,” because that would be more entertaining than Pluto Nash, …but I’m more interested in seeing you suffer what both Film Brain and Obscurus Lupa have suffered before you.

      I just hope you put more harm onto this movie than you and Angry Joe will on Batman v Superman, because I, and many other people, love that movie. …And before I forget, PLEASE REVIEW MARS NEEDS MOMS!

      I also find the dialogue in this movie pretty weird, ’cause when I first heard about this movie, I expected everyone to talk like they’re in a movie like Airplane or The Naked Gun.

      I’m just happy to now that Rosario Dawson later went on to star in much better films after this stinker, like Men in Black II (don’t judge me), the Sin City movies, Death Proof, the animated Wonder Woman movie, and The Lego Batman Movie (where she’ll play the voice of Batgirl). Oh, and I also love how wonderful Dawson looks both then and now.

      I actually remember seeing Hillary Clinton on the money in this movie as incredibly clever when I first saw this, …and I still stand by it, because I don’t want Donald Hitler to be president of anything. Also, “Trump Realty” will never accept immigrants or women who had abortions.

      Say what you would about the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, but the city planet of Coruscant was really original. I mean the entire planet is covered in a city. I’ve never seen anything like that before. …Oh, and BOO on your podrace joke.

      At least I never wasted any money on seeing this crapfest of a movie. …Seriously, what the hell was I thinking of seeing all of these shitty movies before I heard people talk about how terrible they are?

  28. inspectorjavert

    I think Pluto Nash must have been one of those movies you wanted your 2 hours back after seeing. You should review Zathura if you really want to see one that wastes a big budget and the audience’s time.

    BTW I don’t like Trump but envoking Godwin’s law? You’re better than that Mr. Walker.


  30. Oh, honestly, Doug, ANOTHER clipless review?!?! Believe me, I hated the movie as much as you two, but why can’t you wait until it comes out on DVBD?!?! We can wait, we know it’ll be worth it!!

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