Aladdin 2019 – Nostalgia Critic

A giant parrot, hallucinating Jasmine, and Casper the Friendly Genie? It’s another Disney remake alright, and despite this one being a crowd pleaser, the Nostalgia Critic is anything but amused as he reviews 2019’s Aladdin remake.

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  1. Hey and im glad i didn’t see this movie, but i will when it comes on tv.
    Btw, First! so sad.

  2. The line at 1:15 is SO true. I was born in the 90’s and even I am getting tired of remakes, sequels, and reboots. I think only things that sucked (or things I personally thought sucked) should have them. I haven’t seen a Disney remake since Maleficent. Although, you don’t like 2 Broke Girls (that a bit of a dated reference by the way). Lastly, that Ponyo joke was so random but so funny!

  3. The guy who plays Aladdin reminds me of someone Disney might have for a Disney TV show – he acts at about that quality.

  4. You ever think maybe Disney is going this route because people don’t know how to draw anymore.

    We have a generation of creatives who spent their childhoods practicing software instead of just sitting outside with pencil and paper.

    Why practice crosshatching when you can apply a texture gradient while you autofill colours into a closed shape. You don’t need as many in-betweens because the computer generates them. Might as whell use simple designs because it’s easier to get movement ,they say, but the real reason is that they haven’t been outside enough to know what things look like.

    At this point 2D animation is just another type of CGI.

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