Aladdin and the King of Thieves – Disneycember

With Robin Williams back, can this Aladdin sequel get back it’s adventurous cred?

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Well yes Doug this movie can get its adventurous cred back(weol kinda)!!

  2. I can’t wait for Aladdin 6: Jafar visits relatives in Nashville, TN!

  3. >Adventure Time
    >Did the Finn’s father arc well



  4. I loved this movie as a kid. I’m not sure how well it will hold up, but I don’t think I could ever dislike it.

  5. I think Aladdin’s dad gave up the hand because he realized he didn’t really want it anymore. he did but now he doesn’t like Long John Silver in Treasure Planet.

  6. Aladdin’s dad, Cassim, said he DID go back for his family but couldn’t find them and assumed that his wife and son were both dead. That’s kind of why he was pretty shocked when Aladdin says he’s his son and even saves him. As for continuing to go after the treasure, there’s an expression called “Old habits die hard” and I don’t think years of being a thief looking for this certain treasure is going to end because of finding his son. It’s like an addiction, Cassim even says “After this, I go straight” which is what an addict says ALL THE TIME! Aladdin went to this island of treasure to save his dad since he was kidnapped by the villain and the thieves. As for helping him, he knew that his dad wasn’t going to stop until he got this treasure (The man even went to get the oracle after Aladdin helped him escape and was distracting the guards for him). It wasn’t until he realized what this stupid treasure almost cost him in the end, his son and that’s why he got rid of it. So really it isn’t a big problem, especially since you forgot that Cassim said WHY he didn’t go back! I think this movie is genuinely fantastic and is one of the best Disney sequels!

  7. The last time I saw this was the late 90s so I don’t remember much beyond Aladdin actually having a wardrobe change for once, meeting his dad, and the villain had a tri-clawed weapon. Oh, and the genie was actually Robin Williams again.

  8. It’s ironic that Disney would produce a DTV about Aladdin’s father, since in the original script of the original movie, Aladdin was going to have a mother. She was even going to perform a song; “Proud Of Your Boy”, but Disney reportedly wasn’t crazy about the mother, so she was removed from the film. I kind of wish that she had stayed. Interesting mother characters are a rare thing in Disney animation.

  9. Oddworld Inhabitant

    My problem with the positive examples Doug gives is that they all end with the father being basically evil/irredeemable. Not that that doesn’t work in the right stories, but to me the movie would be far less interesting if it went with what by now feels like a somewhat played-out trope.

    However, the movie’s music doesn’t hold a candle to the originals, which is true of most of the sequels. Still, they’re at least tolerable. And I personally found the uniqueness of the Forty Thieves good enough to keep me invested past that.

  10. Honestly, I’d love to see a comic book series about Cassim’s ongoing adventures with Iago.

  11. Obviously the first is the best by far, but I actually enjoyed this one.

  12. I loved this movie as a kid.

  13. I didn’t see this one either as a kid. Although, I see Jasmine kept her tan from Aladdin 2. LOL.

  14. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    Ok well that was more positive than I was expecting. Maybe this won’t be as uncomfortably negative a Disneycember as I was afraid it would be. But we’ve still got 29 days left to go, so I guess we’ll see.

  15. thatchickwithlonghair

    My favorite joke in this movie was the Mrs. Doubtfire one. XD That was amazing.

  16. I’m a little surprised we answered that opening disneycember question so quickly. “Is there just one sequel that’s actually worth it?” We now know the answer. King of Thieves is a flawed movie but this was a sequel that was worthy of being made.

  17. I thought this movie was just okay. I actually did watch the show a lot. Oh come on, that was at least better than the sequels! I do like how they try to conclude the story. Yeah, it’s not the best conclusion, but there was some effort. Sadly, I think this is about as good as it gets for these movies.

  18. No it’s Islam, Praise Allah haha.

  19. “Are you in or out?” This is a cheap knockoff of Indiana Jones plot threads with way too much Robin Williams’s Genie Movie/Pop Cultural references to Disney and others.

  20. As a kid and today this is one of my favorite Disney films and Doug’s critic of character motivations, didn’t confuse or hurt the movie when I watched it. Even now I still don’t really catch on to it. I think for character motivation it’s what the guest commented earlier that his father possibly did want to financially support his family, got caught up in the treasure life and from what I interpreted as a kid, the villain would not allow his father to walk away so easily. With that, as a kid and now-ish, I got that he wants to go live with Aladdin at the risk of upsetting the bad guy and leaving a life of adventure and treasure behind.

    I will say Jasmine needs more screen time, and although Genie is on screen for too long, I absolutely loved his jokes. If anything, it halts the movie for a few moments, though I never minded.

  21. I really wish they had tied up some of the loose plot threads from the TV series that were hinted at. For instance, how the hell were Fasir and Mirage ever an item, and was she really good as he claimed? *Did* they ever get back together? Ah, well.

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